Glastonbury swelters on its two hottest days ever

Temperatures in cars at Glastonbury Festival soared to over 40 degrees Celsius on Tuesday and Wednesday, and with 32 degrees in the shade there was little or no respite for those heading down to the site early to get the best spots.

Seasoned festival wellies looking forward to their annual splosh through the Worthy Farm mud were left at home, and instead revelers hunted through cupboards for ancient festival hats to keep the worst of the rays at bay.

Queues on Tuesday for the camper fields were nothing like last year’s chaotic entry through waterlogged fields – however tempers did flare at lunchtime after a broken down van in the lane leading to the site caused a backlog in the holding area.

Line after line of vehicles were stacked up…but in no particular order. And when the road was cleared stewards seemed unable to remember which lanes had been first, meaning that vans just arrived often leapfrogged others who had been waiting in the frying temperatures for well over an hour.

However, as the forecast has firmed up it looks like 2017 will be a vintage year of almost perfect weather for Glastonbury.

The heat may have fried, scrambled, and boiled brains on the first few days, but chances are the main four days (Thursday to Sunday) will bring warm daytime temperatures in the mid to top teens with night temperatures never falling too far.

Some sunshine is on the cards, but things will stay largely overcast – and for serious festival heads trying to make the most of their Glastonbury pilgrimage this really is as good as it can get.

Meanwhile a special mention has to go to the fire crew who turned their hoses on the crowds just below the Greenfields, handing out a lifeline for those for whom the sun had got just too much.




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