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Glastonbury Abbey Musical Extravaganza news : Red sky at night, farmer’s delight. #Glastonbury2019

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Glastonbury Abbey Musical Extravaganza news : Red sky at night, farmer’s delight. #Glastonbury2019

Red sky at night, farmer’s delight. #Glastonbury2019

Latest Festival Flyer update from Glastonbury Festival

Red sky at night, farmer’s delight. #Glastonbury2019

Glastonbury Festival (official)



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The BBC has announced its broadcast plans for the weekend when this year's Glastonbury Festival would have been, with a host of classic sets being made available across TV, radio & online, including Adele, Beyoncé, David Bowie, Coldplay & JAY-Z. Info: glas.to/bbc-2020 ... See MoreSee Less

The BBC has announced its broadcast plans for the weekend when this years Glastonbury Festival would have been, with a host of classic sets being made available across TV, radio & online, including Adele, Beyoncé, David Bowie, Coldplay & JAY-Z. Info: https://glas.to/bbc-2020

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Some film of the other non-stage parts of past festivals would be lovely! As we know there is much more to Glastonbury than stages.

boring,reruns are just that,would have been much better to get some of the headline acts from this year to broadcast live from staying at home,you could have raised a small fortune for your chosen charities by getting everyone that watched online to donate.

Although I’m beyond gutted that we won’t be at the farm this year, in a way it’s fitting that everyone that wants to CAN celebrate the 50th anniversary together. It’s going to be a special weekend for anyone that’s ever been & dreams to go. Let’s appreciate what we’ve had so far & make it a special weekend of celebration. Xxxx

Radiohead 1997 please! One of the greatest nights ever!

LCD Soundsystem 2016, Coldplay 2002, Muse 2004, IDLES 2019, Billie Eilish 2019, Tame Impala 2019, Adele 2016, The Prodigy 1997, Radiohead 1997, Bruce Springsteen 2009, Phoenix 2013, Oasis 2004, U2 2011, Arcade Fire 2014... those were glorious sets.

Please can we have Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds when they were on main stage before headliner Mumford and Sons. But please dont show Mumford and Sons

Laura Marie - shall we do some kind of socially distant outside nod to glasto? We could have a bucket for a long drop and stay well away from each other but still manage a drink? Or is irresponsible? Maybe a virtual glasto?

How about something from the 1980's when I went as a child 1987 was the last time I went

Bruce Springsteen and Oasis would be great 🙂 Bowie and Barry Gibb too 🙂

Anything from 2010!! Stevie wonder, Muse, Faithless , so many good ones!!

Just run last years IDLES set on repeat all weekend 😎😎

Would love to see King Sunny Ade, Joe Cocker or Sinead O'connor... Bowie, Tom Jones... Iet my grandkids generation know what we all go on about from back then they might even like some of it, oh yes and Richie Havens, Jackson Brown......

2010 was defo the BEST YEAR - I went when I was 9 years old that year and it was amazing and all of my favourite artists performed - will never forget it

my good friend Duncan McFarlane wants to see orbital’s headline set on the other stage. and gorillaz headline set on the pyramid stage when they had to stand in at the last minute 😃😃😃

Fab news, hope they include Arcadia fire, 👍🥰

Dig a hole in the garden babs! We’ll be “longdropping” that weekend! Cracking coverage this 🕺👏🎸 Sonja

‪This June will consist of pitching up the tent and camping chairs in the garden and getting the laptop out for some Glastonbury viewing!

Rufus Wainwright ‘s amazing 2013 set please ! It was absolutely perfection from start to finish ! Gutted as he was signed up for this year - please say he will be there in 2021 🙏🏼

Please play some sets from the other stages. TV is saturated with the “big” pop celebrities. We don’t need to see them again.

Nick cave should be a main stage headliner next year or soon. His arena shows more than prove the ability and demand to headline.

Kylie from last year!

I’d love to see East India Youth, Metallica, FFS and Neil Diamond all over again ✨👌🏻🎶

Would love to see The Pendulum 2011 Pyramid stage set 🙌🏻💃

Please play johnny cash. Although it was on channel 4 then so doubt you could...

We woz there Andy Whitehead, time and again in body & spirits - maybe they’ll show Bishi! That Edwin Collins set at The Park would be emotional x

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Glastonbury festivals and events have been cancelled for the coming months. Fans of Glastonbury are asked not to visit the town for the traditional Summer Solstice celebration in June to protect the community.
Please share and help us have a #safesummersolstice

For more info see glastonbury.gov.uk/2020/05/25/please-dont-visit-glastonbury-until-it-is-safe/
... See MoreSee Less

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Especially if you buy a 5G protection kit for £399 as recommended by the Town Council

I bet Dominic Cummings will be there

Especially if you’re wanting to talk rubbish about 5g and Coronavirus. Really don’t want you here... ever!

I will follow my fatherly insticts and due to my exceptional circumstances I will be in Glastonbury for the whole of June.

I may be driving to Glastonbury Tor to check my eyesight...

I pretty much guarantee that people will ignore your request, sadly 🙁

If Dominic Cummings can travel wherever and whenever he likes so can I, see you all on the 21st of June


Get a muckspreader ready 👍🏼

What about Durham ?

Sophie Elisabeth Powell you werent going to this year anyway right...... ? 😜😏

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We've just posted some performances from the BBC's #glastonbury2019 coverage on our YouTube channel (+ the full sets are on BBC iPlayer). And look out for more news soon of our plans with the BBC for a celebration over Glastonbury weekend in June…
📺 www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLV5BFkI9SS7hSXfh1F0UX8m4aDxYzpZe7
... See MoreSee Less

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I want this world back! Glastonbury last year was one of the best times of my life! X

Never managed to get a Glastonbury ticket but some of my most joyous moments have been within the crowd at many Foals gigs jumping around and feeling the collective atmosphere and escapism.

So pleased to know that I can revisit last year’s incredible experience on iPlayer - my first, and now probably only Glastonbury....

❤️❤️👏👏 SO hoped that something would be planned for the best weekend we’ll all miss the most! 👍🎉🥳

Just watching Fontaine’s DC and reliving some of the best days of my life

Hubby and 9 year old son got to watch part of foals set from the ribbon tower ❤

Foals were one of the best watched it over and over again massive fan now

I never get sick of watching the whole glasto set, pure brilliance🎸

Without a vaccine it's hard to imagine any more festivals taking place.

Fee Gilfeather remember being at the Park and Nicola stroking a horse...they seem such distant days now

I will never experience Glastonbury I can never get a ticket

How about the Amazing Wood Burning Savages from 2019?????

Georgia Cox Look! It’s you in your leopard print hat and me when we were watching Foals. Blimey!

Posted full sets to iplayer? Why'd you guys take them down in the first place!? We paying for tv license so keep what we're paying for on there innit 🙃

That field was raaamed for foals, soo good.

Sadism of the highest order 😏

Great 38 secs ffs Glastonbury post some decent footage for us all during lockdown

Gretel Darby Hill Jason Hill we got to see them in a slightly smaller crowd! How lucky ☺️

I knew you wouldn’t let me down baby

Just in time for our Glastonbury weekend Ella Bella

Roll on 2021 🤟🏼

Saskia kun je er in komen voor morgen. Foals 😁 Super leuke live band. Mijn vader was fan 😁

Paul Carnus chaque fois que j'entends cette chanson je pense à toi 😂

Why not just bang them on here too

Lee Hatton

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50 Responses

  1. Heidi Hi says:

    Beautiful Pilton 😍

  2. Helen Ward-Dutton says:

    I am beyond excited! Its our first trip! Eeeeeep

  3. Harry Miller says:

    Have a good one. Wish I was there.

  4. Becky Beesley says:

    Haha! Thunderstorms are coming…. It must be time for glasto!!!

  5. Lee Stanley says:

    Setting off at 4am tomorrow morning….. Lets av it

  6. Paul Campbell says:

    So wish I was there.

  7. Sarah Pennycott says:

    Looks so beautiful – we will miss you this year Sx

  8. Andrew Pepler says:

    red sky at night barn is alight ..red sky in the morning barn still burning lol

  9. Annabel Holt says:

    No thunderstorms .. sunshine all the way 🙂

  10. Clare Harris says:

    It’s Red sky at night shepherds delight and if it’s Red in the morning it’s shepherds warning 😁

  11. Stuart Brown says:

    🙏🙏🙏 for tics nxt year
    But fun for all this year 🕺💃👣

  12. Darren Carpenter says:

    Red sky at night the sheds on fire red sky in the morning the sheds still on fire

  13. Nicky Mills says:

    Thunderstorms are brilliant there when lightning strikes those pylons.

  14. Lisa Graves says:

    Just sitting here watching Glastonbury- greatest headliners 👍🏼👍🏼

  15. Dániza Barrera C says:


  16. Jude Lakey says:

    Alas – no tickets this year … I could cry 😢 I’m still hoping the fairies might bring me one but time is running out …

  17. Clint Maslen says:

    Dan Eccleston – looks amazing.

  18. Michelle Clayton says:

    Imogen Rymell hope you have the best time. Can’t wait to hear all about it when you’re back & washed 🤣🤣 love you xx

  19. Finley Gausden says:

    Yay and remember boys don’t cry!!!!

  20. George the Horse says:

    🐴 🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴

  21. Michelle Quinn says:

    Can’t wait! 3 more sleeps! ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤪🤪🤪🤪😍

  22. John Ferage Worcester says:

    No tickets left?

  23. Sheelagh Walton says:

    Beautiful 😍

  24. David Edward Hart says:

    Red sky at night shepherds house on fire!!

  25. Sylvia Radov says:

    Read sky at night, sailors delight. Red sky in morning, sailors warning…

  26. Ben Reese says:

    Yay!!! Hottest ever…Can. Not. Wait.

  27. Alex Baxter says:

    Barns on fire

  28. Grant Rodgers says:

    Looking forward to seeing this ourselves in a couple of days

  29. Sinclair Cunningham says:

    Pishin down with rain, trenchfoot again. 😂

  30. Derek Banks says:

    Hope all our gang enjoy it next weekend down there. x

  31. Cider Talbot says:

    Red sky at night.
    Bloody barn on fire 🔥😂👍

  32. Russell Pearce says:

    1st time in 15 years I am not going this does not seem real I really will need therapy after this feels like someone has died

  33. Howard Saunders says:

    It’s looking quite beautiful down here on the farm,can see for miles and miles!!

  34. Louise McLarnon says:

    Josh McDowell Sacha Ghafoor you guys headed this weekend? Xx

  35. Alex Richer says:

    * raver’s delight.

  36. Liam Clark says:

    Blue sky at night, day.

  37. Elaine Bowley says:

    Stunning xx😉

  38. Adrian Treasure says:

    Not till Friday I’m working nights☹️

  39. Greg Vaughan says:

    Elliot Vaughan – on the horizon you can just see Glastonbury Tor – it looks like a distant Baradur dur

  40. Rhian Maguire says:

    Katie Cheetham xxx

  41. James Simpson says:

    My favorite place in the world… Gutted to be missing out!

  42. Carrie Grayston says:

    Red sky in the morning…

    Barn’s on fire!! 😱

  43. Samuel Yoxall says:

    Tassja Yoxall welcome to the pain

  44. James Partington says:

    1 more sleep!!

  45. Lucy Squeequin Robinson says:

    Sunset at the Riflemans was a bit special earlier. Added musical accompaniment from Caribou and Sun

  46. Helen Johnson-Jones says:

    Yeeeeeees! Coming to see you tomorrow! Xx

  47. Sheila Burrows says:

    See you tomorrow 😍😍

  48. Shirley Haycock says:

    It was amazing x

  49. Little Retro Kitchen Party Catering & Events says:

    We can’t wait

  50. Jaime Ahling says:

    Looking there for THE LITTLE UNSAID, my fav….thousand timessssss!!

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