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August 2017 🙌




25 Responses

  1. Callum Bentley says:

    Maddy Twidale Robbie James Parr Josh McFadyen

  2. Sandra Yellop says:

    Wendywoo Phillips

  3. Liz Landers says:

    Andy Landers

  4. Gary Draper says:

    When do you announce kasabian and eminem as the other headliners?

  5. Autumn James says:

    Beth Turner

  6. Mat Czuba says:

    Joanna Pilipkiewicz

  7. Neil Addy says:

    Sam Addy

  8. Kane Oakley says:

    Only hoping that there’s better acts, I’m only excited for Architects and While She Sleeps

  9. Elliot Tanner says:

    Kaine Shaw looks pretty lit

  10. Charlie Mould says:

    Chris Gray Adrian Welch

  11. Paula Alexandra Lopes says:


  12. Jess Stokoe says:

    Yes. Rebecca Swainbank Josie Adams

  13. Ceri Pyart says:

    David Evans At the drive-in 👍🏼

  14. Finn Way Winter says:

    Against the current, my parents

  15. Lauren McEvoy says:

    Sophie McEvoy

  16. Cleo G-w says:

    Chloé Dawson

  17. Sergi Ruiz says:

    Minerva García

  18. Carlo Ferreira says:

    Emé Goodburn Mollie Waite

  19. Shannon White says:

    Millie Clark

  20. Mina Brckovic says:

    Kirstin Mann

  21. Dee Stephens says:

    Dev Place

  22. Lee Stacey says:

    Pop festival for hipsters Reading you used to be cool!

  23. Catarina Ribeiro says:

    tou a chorar Sofia Silva

  24. Gonçalo Matos says:

    Carolina Reis 😢

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