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Split the cost of your Reading 2017 festival ticket through our 4 part instalment plan:





25 Responses

  1. Hayley Riddell says:

    Kirsty Nicole Roberts we need commitment

  2. Kirsty Nicole Roberts says:

    Commitment scares people xxx

  3. Sarah Shackleton says:

    Lyndsey Shackleton

  4. Vanessa Woods says:

    Josh Billingham

  5. Caitlin Gapper says:

    Amy Jenkins

  6. Shannon Elizabeth Nutkins says:

    Becca Hill Livi Salter Holly Davis

  7. Heather Buttifant says:

    Steph Wolf Becky Cox Amelia McIlroy

  8. Hannah Willoughby says:

    Katie Ware Might be easier?

  9. Holly-Marie Williams says:

    Jolie Williams

  10. Craig Evans says:

    Luke Jenkins

  11. Neil Jones says:

    Denise Brannan for Rhys

  12. Claire Mcmichael says:

    Helen Clift

  13. Robby Geoffray says:

    Dan Treverrow Jamal Ellahi Ryan Toner

  14. Abby Spencer says:

    Rebekah May? X

  15. Darren Williamson says:

    Adam Hubbard Patrick Page Ward January summit meeting needed lol

  16. Kayley Nimmo says:

    Jared Derry need to get these😍👌

  17. Joel Wallis says:

    Tommy McGee pay day

  18. Angel Mortimer says:

    Edward Perry shall we do this?

  19. Natalie Bonavia says:

    Alex Bonavia

  20. Phoebe Jones says:

    Lily Watts

  21. Robby Geoffray says:

    James Heath

  22. Sophie Amanda says:

    Charlie Benge

  23. Daniel John Sims says:

    You know things are bad for a festival when installment plans are a actual thing. I remember when it was like £130 and now how much is it ?

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