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Gaz Brookfield and the Company of Thieves for Farmer Phil’s

The team at Farmer Phil’s Festival 2017 were so excited about making the announcement about Gaz Brrokfield that they blurted it out on Facebook before it even made the official Farmer Phil’s Festival website.

That excitement was well placed though, and we’re delighted they’ve been able to officially confirm that the mighty Gaz Brookfield will be returning to Ratlinghope in 2017.

It gets better though, not only is Gaz going to be playing live for your watching and listening pleasure, but he’ll be joined onstage by his co-conspirators in music.  That’s right, Gaz Brookfield and The Company of Thieves are coming to Farmer Phil’s Festival!

Regular visitors to Farmer Phil’s Festival will know they love Gaz to bits, so to have him AND the band is very exciting for them indeed.

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