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Former Bestival site to host new fest created by site owners

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Former Bestival site to host new fest created by site owners

The Isle of Wight is to get a new festival – Eklectica – on the former Bestival site.

You can follow them on Facebook here.

Eklectica will take place on the regular weekend…potentially posing a small problem for Bestival, who may have hoped to lure a sizeable number of Islanders across to Lulworth for the relocated event.

The new event hasn’t yet released any details of line-ups or the scale of the event, but it does promise an eclectic boutique vibe, so won’t be huge.

Eklectica Ltd was established just recently (it was formerly Blackgang Caterers Ltd) and is run by Alexander Dabell, whose great-something grandfather (with whom he shares his name) originally established Blackgang Chine as a tourist destination on the Isle of Wight.

The original Dabell was a prolific entrepreneur, and the family has clearly carried on this trait.

Robin Hill, the site of the new Festival, is in their ownership, so their costs will be significantly less than Bestival would have had to pay to use the land.

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