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First Light Lowestoft


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10 hours ago

First Light Lowestoft

And just like that, he was gone...

Thank you Tobias Ford for your incredible creation, until we meet again #PakefieldMan #watchthisspace

Images courtesy of Andrew McMeekin Photography
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What a fantastic job Tobias Ford did creating Pakefield Man. Maybe with a commission to Tobias and a collaboration with our local wind farm technology specialists to embed him, we could have our forever Pakefield Man?

Please rebuild and put him on the cliff somewher as a sculpture!

Wonderful. How tall is he?

He would look amazing standing proud on one of the roundabouts, especially by the new retail park as a welcoming giant to lowestoft

I didn’t go but loved seeing all the hundreds of pics people posted especially loved these of pakefield man on fire and in the sunset and sunrise

People would come to lowestoft just to see him like they go to Aldeburgh to see the shell we so need the Pakefield man so people could see what a lovely place we live in the beautiful east coast 👍

Absolutely stunning!

Excellent beautiful beautiful pictures photo

He is awesome, hope he comes back next year and the festival is repeated PLEASE.

talented sculptor and a wonderful focal point for everyone. Thank you

Loved the Pakefield Man. Shame he had to go.xx

The whole festival was brilliant, but he was definitely the star. What an excellent focal point and icon for the whole thing. Congratulations to Tobias Ford for creating him, & to whoever had the idea for him (& the funds to buy him) in the first place.

Awwww.. he was amazing xx

What a shame he couldn’t stay 😔. He was just wonderful 😍

Brilliant work as always Tobias.

Shame he couldn't stay an amazing sculpture 👍

We want our Pakey McPakeface back,he's one of our own

Ah that is a shame it looked so good on our beach 🙁

Lets hope we see him again in all his Glory!

thats such a shame hes gone.. why couldnt we keep him.. he was beautiful

First Light Lowestoft has he been taken to Aldeburgh?


Hope he returns, what a perfect focal point...such a talented artist

Should be put in the middle of the Morrisons roundabout or maybe on the edge of the new retail park in Pakefield, give people a focal point as they arrive.

So sad to see him go.

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11 hours ago

First Light Lowestoft

If you're looking for more festival fun, this weekend is the wonderful Felixstowe Book Festival which runs between Thursday - Sunday.

The festival has some fantastic speakers, authors, fun events for kids, adults and families (many are free!) and celebrates books and #Felixstowe.

If you can make it along, please support this #Suffolk #festival - their beach and town is also beautiful!
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Excellent beautiful beautiful pictures photo

Excellent beautiful beautiful pictures photo


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