Festival of the Dead news: Saturday was special for us all, but no one more than these two congratulations …

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Saturday was special for us all, but no one more than these two 🖤congratulations on your engagement. #festivalofthedead

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Quick survey of our followers... name the song this band were most famous for (no googling!) ... See MoreSee Less

Quick survey of our followers... name the song this band were most famous for (no googling!)


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Bring me to life...

But the best song is 
‘My last breath’
And the covers that came from it. 
(Christian cage tna & Wwe)

Going Under
Bring Me To Life
My Immortal
Call Me When Your Sober

They did a great cover of Heart Shaped Box

Bring me to life.. Anna Lee, a most amazing vocalist, operatically trained apparently..

Bring me to life
My immortal
Going under

Probably not in that order but those are the three played to death on music channels 😂

Bring Me to Life. Still know all the words to that album. 🤣

Bring me to life

Bring me to life, but my immortal and tourniquet are better songs in my opinion

Bring me to life

Bring me to life

My Immortal ♥️ , so special Xxx

One of my favorite bands! 
Just love Amy Lee’s vocals

Bring me to live
My immortal 
Call me when your sober
Going under 
Taking over me
My last breath 

Do you want me to continue? 👍🏻🤣

My immortal

My immortal

Bring me to life 

Their most famous song and its good but not my favourite. Going under is awesome, and my immortal is one of the few songs to bring a tear to my eye

Bring me to life!

Bring me to life

My Immortal

Bring me to life

Bring me to life for the Daredevil soundtrack

My immortal or bring me to life?

Bring me to life! Love this song! ❤

Bring me to life

My Immortal, it's the one I think of first anyway, but then it's my favourite x

Bring me to Life!! Although my daughter used to call it scared lady curtains because of the Video awesome song Xx

Bring me to life

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16 hours ago

Festival of The Dead

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Mummy loves you and she always will even when your head spins round 360 degrees and you projectile vomit mushy peas. She will hold your hair out of the way and rub your back xx

All the props to my fb-less fostermom #proudofyou

Ann Marie your devil child

You’re definitely like chuckle you stirrer😂

Amanda Matthews this is our 2 xxxxxxxxxxxx

Angelika Marszałek grace 😂🤣😘😘

Paige Rowley lol Marcus Furie this is your girlfriend xxxxxxxxxxx

Billiejoe Potts u with the 3 boys lol x

Zoe Rice who the fucks holding my child 🤔

Nadine this is Matthew lol xxxxx

Gary, hope this Cheers you up. Get well Captain x

Abbie Clarke this is me and you with albie and Georgie 😂😂😂

Erin Langley Jasmin Langley Nadine Langley Philip Langley Kieran Hopkins remind me of Lillie when u pick her up in the air and she wants tot be down xxx

Magda chucky doll? Kogos Ci przyomina? 😄

Laura Icetonthis is u and Aaron xx

Viki O'Donnell this is you and Caleb hahahaha xxx

Kyle New 😂😂 only joking son xxxx

True dat

Dee Letson our wee chuckie 😂😂😂

Clare Brown trixie betsy.
Ebony 😂

Jodie Morris ... sorry but so u! Xx

Kelly Garner

Karl Brown kallum tonight x

Mandy Glenn Meek 😂

Jennifer Roberts haha defo thought of u lol

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