Festival of the Dead news: photos: www.clarkjamesdigital.com

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photos: www.clarkjamesdigital.com

☠️ Festival of The Dead ☠️ Edinburgh


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Last tickets remain at www.festivalofthedead.co.uk ☠️

See you in the Underworld 👹
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Last tickets remain at www.festivalofthedead.co.uk ☠️

See you in the Underworld 👹


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Love to know why you cancelled the Newcastle tour!! Been looking forward for that all year 😠

Emma Louise Gilkes fancy a rave ? Xx

Grant Fitz Emma Estelle O'Neill Lara Cairns I want to go 😭

Andrew Conroy interested??

I have 4 tickets for sale for the festival of the dead this Saturday at the Troxy! Contact me if your interested 🙂

I’m selling a ticket for the London one you get a T-shirt with it too! £32

What is the music genre? anyone thanks 😉

I'm selling a ticket for this Friday at Glasgow if anyone is interested xxx

Shelby HardmanAmy Kate Waters are we going?????

Matt Biddle Cardiff?

Adam Morris 💗

Hayley Bee Sammie Rokoua ??

Heidi Helm Larsen Jen Shepherd

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1 week ago

Festival of The Dead

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Tabithia Mayes 🙂 xx

Lauren Jayne this is iiiiit!!!!

Chris Wollen i cant find our pictures mate

I have a ticket for sale for this Friday night in Glasgow if anyone is interested xxx

Everyone dressed in ‘pretty halloween’ god knows what they’ll make of me Alexandra Peace 🤣🤣

Awesome night 💀🖤💀

It was great xx

Charlotte Moody can't see us but I thought you might like a look tbh I can't even remember most of it ha x

Woohoo Eiluj Laffo not long now

Ronke Fadare this is what you’ve got a ticket for If You want it x

Emily Burton should we fucking go or what

Lauren Surridge!!!!

Stacey-Jayne Duddridge Beth Keeling

Tabs Sarton

Iestyn Russell

Danielle Luxton

Wendy Martin

Rachel Dawson 😍

Georgia King

Emily Jayne Feeney Nicole Jade Bibby

Hollie Martin Gracie Martin Mia Martin

Allan Mooney

Rhiannon Goldstraw

Will Wiltshire

Gemma Underwood

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