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Festival of the Dead news: Festival of The Dead Edinburgh – The Abandoned Asylum

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Festival of The Dead


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17 hours ago

Festival of The Dead

πŸ’€ Choose the best creepy painting πŸ’€
Paintings By @stefankoidl πŸ–€
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Free hugs ❀️

Free hugs... this is just excellent!!!

Free hugs

Ged Some Halloween inspiration.

Istvan Ocskai

In the third picture one of the hands are coping a feel

Girl in water.

Oli Samlofski

Girl in the water 😩😩😩

Anthony Myatt I want these pictures on my walls πŸ˜‚

Jessica Hope Baker

Lorraine LoLo Kelly we need to get one of these done as a family haha

Max Brownlie

Sian Ellis Davies

Arlene Smith

Elizabeth Collinscollins,Viv Collins,Andrea Collinscollins x

Mira Maria Teresa Fernandez Postigo

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This is everyone in the Festival Of The Dead office πŸ€£πŸ™ƒ ... See MoreSee Less

This is everyone in the Festival Of The Dead office πŸ€£πŸ™ƒ


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Kayleigh Ann Bernard

Arwout van Boeijen Kelly Vos

Summer Struthers

Hannah Gilmore

Tammy Heron

Chey Jenkins Sean Michael

Heather Schofield

Alison Evans

Stephen Dooley

Helen Morton

Emily Macfarlane

Rachel Morris

Declan Morris

Claire Moulding

Kavan Grayson

Ben Anderson

Bronwyn Harman xxx

Sarah Edge

Mia CB let the festivities commence

Tina-Jayne Turner

Katie Lesley Jones


Gavin AustinπŸ‘»

Dawn Collick

Bunny Hooper

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  1. Hello, I hope this message finds you well.

    I would like to inquire about a recent poster image I saw on a Facebook advertisement. Upon this poster there is an image of a girl with rainbow skull painted on her. This girl is the body artist ellie35x who posted this on Instagram.

    From my understanding you have stolen her artwork for your own purposes. As a company you have exploited an artist by using her creations without her knowledge.

    It is common practice to:

    1. Ask the artist if you can use their work

    2. Give credit where it is due by stating her name within the description on the post.

    I’d strongly recommend you contact the artist (ellie35x) to ask for her permission, or remove the poster image.

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