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Festival of the Dead news: Bran Castle, Romania…

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Festival of the Dead news: Bran Castle, Romania…

Latest update from Festival of the dead

📍 Bran Castle, Romania
The home of Dracula and one for the bucket list ☠️

Festival of The Dead


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13 Responses

  1. Tracy Devvers Devlin says:

    Angharad Griffiths …. ooooo we’ve been !! Such an awesome trip

  2. Joanne Stewart says:

    Craig Still les go

  3. Roberto Streetini says:

    …if only he was real!!

  4. Adele Ferrari says:

    Matt Shemilt add it to the list? X

  5. Alex INtza says:

    Awesome place!!

  6. Marta Majewska says:

    It never was his castle, was built much later after Vlad was long dead. But visit Sigishoara where you can see the house where he was born or Huneadora castle where he lived for about 7 years. Transylvania is amazing, only been there for few days but loved it to death and beyond 😉

  7. Phil Ratcliffe says:

    Went there in 1979 when still under communist rule, very strange experience but as a kid at the time Castle Bran was amazing with its secret passageways.

  8. Christopher Bailey says:

    I thought it was rubbish to be honest!

  9. Alison Brand says:

    Harrison Riley…def looks good 😍

  10. Helen Moore says:

    If that is all Bran, it would give me the shits….

  11. Amanda Taylor says:

    Katie Thomson! We need to do this! Xxx

  12. Sammy Daly says:

    Mo Daly Ashleigh Blakeway thays where i went to visit xxx

  13. Lizz Cox says:

    John Cox and I are off here next April for a Ghost hunt with BUMP IN THE NIGHT PARANORMAL UK………..can’t wait!!!!! X

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