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Festival of the Dead news: ️ Competition Time ️…

Latest update from Festival of the dead

☠️ Competition Time ☠️

We have reached 10,000 followers on Instagram. To celebrate, we are giving away 4x pairs of tickets for any UK show in 2018!

Head over to @FestivalofTheDead on Instagram for more info! 💀

Festival of The Dead


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12 hours ago

Festival of The Dead

This is super creepy 💀🖤 #hereforthis ... See MoreSee Less


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I love this! I wish festival of the dead had blacklights so I could wear these kind of contacts 😂

Paul Ward

Joshua James

What song is this?


Joshua Mcdougall

Billy Smith

Stephanie Brayson

Jamielee McKelvie

Morgan Leigh-ann Dyer

Donna Campbell love this!!!!

Chloe Michelle Briers

William Powell

Jadie Ireson creepy or fucking cringey?

Omg that is freaky..😲

Sally Revnik-Yelgirw

Lewis Ritchie

Glenn Williams thought ud appreciated this 🖤

Nikki Bennett

Sarah Jane Mellon

Alexandra Moyna

Martin James

Lauren Burridge 😂😂

Steph McGregor Dànna Todd

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14 hours ago

Festival of The Dead

This should be good.... 🤣 ... See MoreSee Less

This should be good.... 🤣


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I've said it before, but I'll say it again.... We have a seriously troubled audience. Keep em coming, we love it. Love from a social media manager laughing his way through the afternoon until he can go to the pub 🖤🍺 PS...last tickets at www.festivalofthedead.co.uk ☠️

"Hunny, when did your mum arrive?"

I don't appreciate you using my picture for your meme. I was looking my best in this pic 😑

Any chance of sorting out this morning glory?

My first word would be fuuuuuuck! And then I would run back into my bedroom possibly whilst pissing myself....

Have you finished love??

Can I lend your outfit?

Back to the bed gorgeous 🤣

Say ‘thanks for unplugging my hair from the shower plug’ I guess?

I see you mistaken the hair removal cream for the shampoos again love!!! Never mind

Nothing as I assume I’m looking in the mirror!! X 👍

You've not been using the shampoo i recommend, have you?

"The bleach is in the cupboard and the scourer is on the shelf!!!!"

Seeing as your up, going to put the kettle on!

when you finally find your mate at the toilets who has been missing for 3,5 hours

"I told you not to use the veet cream " 😂😂😂

Time to clean my hairs from the drain plug

Wait, what happened to your wig ?

Oh dear, did you accidentally use my hair removing cream instead of shampoo?

At least you’ve managed to get all my hair out the plug 😂😂

Down to the last toilet roll, 2 sheets max please.

When did I put a mirror In the shower 🤔

That hair better not go down my drain... don’t need that blockage! can you stick them in the bin on your way out please love 👋🏼

You can clear your own hair out of the plug hole....

At 4am I wouldn't even notice.

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