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Festival of the Dead news: ♱ COMPETITION TIME ♱…

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Festival of the Dead news: ♱ COMPETITION TIME ♱…

Latest update from Festival of the dead


We are giving away a KILLER prize for Festival of The Dead this year ahead of our UK Tour. Just tag your crew and share this post for a chance to win!

🏅 Prize Package 🏅

· 4x VIP Tickets to a show of your choice
· £150 drinks tab in the venue
· Backstage Meet and Greet and photos with the cast
· Professional Face Art from our touring Make Up artists
· Chat with our Costume Director to get your outfit sorted in advance

REMEMBER – Just TAG your friends below and SHARE this post for a chance to win!

Festival of The Dead


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Join Foreverland in Prague this December.. 3 nights raving, bar crawls, boat parties + more! 🤩✈🎶 theforeverland.com/prague ... See MoreSee Less

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That's why gamers like us are chill we live like this years before covid lol

Anna Colquhoun it’s the worst!

Know what's worse than not going to the pub? Death. Being surrounded by strangers in your final hours. Get a grip.

Michelle Murawski. Xx

Jade Gardhouse

We might find pollution has a massive part of how our weather plays it’s part going forward it seems.

Oh my

Sit in your garden and drink beer 🤦🏽‍♀️ shut up and appreciate life, cause many can’t!

Susan Russell

Saffi Streames

Victoria Exley

Robert Leighton so upsetting

Natalie Jones 😭😭😭😭😭

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Well done!! 👏👏 Thank you nhs.uk ... See MoreSee Less

Well done!! 👏👏 Thank you nhs.uk

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Why do you need to prove you done something nice for a reaction

Is Festival of the dead on this year?

Well done

Nick Bell who's to say it isn't the NHS worker who posted in thanks to someone doing a good deed?

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Rebecca Elliott pulling me knickers up too 😂😂

Denise this is Claire all over🤣

Eddie John🙄😂🙈

Connor Barrow 😂😂😂

Chris Flowers sounds like you and your lass 😂😂

Tiffany Speirs hehe

Lynne Southern....no photos or live videos that night😂🙈

Emily Pittaway Adelaide LM Emma Stirling

Leanne Millar Cheryl McLaughlin Tori Mclaughlin Carol Ferris Abbie Man

Vicki RamsaySamantha Penhallurick be prepared for this girls 🥂😂

Mary Rebeiro we will be carrying each other HAHAHAHAHA

Ursula Prendergast this is gonna b us 😂

Dannii Hawman we’ll lean on each other 😂

Shane Ashley Freer Dom Hall Liam Campbell what’s new? 🤷🏽‍♀️😂

Emily Adams Georgia Alice Perkins Hannah Shore Aimy Alice

Catherine E Mckay this was written for u 😂😂 al carry ye home don't worry 👌👌💗

Lucy Staddon

Jodie Wright Charlotte Callard

Katie Kochanowski

Jamie Hughes 😚😇

Chelsea Taplin who will carry who 🙈😂

Natalie 😂

Amie Cobb Definitely a quote for you 😂😂😂

Alice Clague Jordan Williams Tori Smith Thea Ansell 🍸🍸🍸

Jenna Thomas- Cox Shannen-Lynn Bicknell👌🍹💃😂😂

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Esther Settels

You spelt Tequila wrong

Margaret did you write this?? 🤔

Katie Dennis 😂 have a cuppa tea

Chloe Riddle coffee*

Amanda Mchugh wait this is about you ?

Emily Oaten

Meagan Jessica Wood

Mitchell Mckellar but I’m allergic to tea 😂😂

Ellie Griffin also us 😂

Jordan Bryan you 😂

Heather Gemmell so us 😂😂

Roisin Donnelly 😂

Jennifer Bell us haha

Toby Wilson

Cass Broon cuppa tea for girls night 🤣


Catherine Alison

This is exactly me.🤣

Abbie Davies

Heather Roberts

Melissa Chilton Josh Chilton

Lisa Bingham

Sam Self

Vickie Little 🙌🙌

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28 Responses

  1. Mel Hiam says:

    Jade Matthews we neeeeeeed to win, we won’t go otherwise cause we’re always skint 😂👌🏼 planned to go for the last two years but nope, broke again 🤷‍♀️😭😂

  2. Lisa Loud says:

    Yvonne young diane young and jamie loud and meee lisa loud

  3. Stuart Cooper says:

    I am going to be a little late as I haven’t eaten yet

  4. Adele Berrisford says:

    Karen Maddock keep saying I want to go but never had the chance…. Or the money ‼️‼️‼️☠️💀☠️❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤💓💓💓💞💞💞

  5. Lorraine Campbell says:

    My hubby if I can talk him in to it, likewise whichever friends fancied joining me xx

  6. Paula Gower says:

    Sammy Ally. This would be good . Seen we had to leave early before.

  7. Lynda Connolly says:

    hubby patrick connolly and jasmine henderson

  8. Michelle Ashcroft says:

    John Bearns Rob Freeman Natalie Louise Flynn be experience like all tho couldn’t win argument lately butstill try hehehe good luck xx

  9. Abbie Hallam says:

    Lizzie Westwood Chele Belle we absolutely need to go to this 🖤💀💀💀🖤

  10. Ree Walrus says:

    Kimberley Kerr Tim Dunsmuir I would love this! Tim you n Sandra be up for this if I won lol xx

  11. Kirsty Woodhams says:

    Matt Goddard
    Katie-ann Wisdom think you’ll like this.
    Danielle Sheehan

  12. Keri Lou says:

    Omg how amazing is this… Kieron Taziker Nicole Booth and Ben! Xx

  13. Claire Page - Buck says:

    Kelly Yallop Was Smith, Naomi Leney Amy I cant seem to be able to tag you?? fancy this for my birthday in November 🤪

  14. Sian Bowler says:

    Amy Macdonald we was ment to go before ❤❤ but along came ella 🤣🤣 maybe we could try again Haha

  15. Kaylee Brown says:

    Kerr Owen I’d design a class outfit to rock up in 😍

  16. Dawn Lowndes says:

    sharon brooke

  17. Sarah Jones says:

    Trisha Bat Chris Neeku HeHeffernan Chippy Thompson this would be so amazing

  18. Zoe Taylor says:

    Sandra Handforth Michelle Maden Laura Sutton Emma Hacking

  19. Michael Reid says:

    Tagged nd shared

  20. Paul Mc Roberts says:

    Sandra mcroberts Julie Mc crory Christopher worthingtone
    Thomas McFadden

  21. Meghan Anderson says:

    Oh my god we should haha

  22. Annette Young says:

    Andrea Wood Nicole Wood Winnie Gordon

  23. Chloe Jackson says:

    Jamie Brown I’ll tag you in it so we get a better chance 😂😂😂😂

  24. Lisa Millns says:

    Emma Button this would be great for you too! 😂 Stephen Neal absolutely!! I’m looking into getting some illuminous face paint too xx

  25. Kat Hughes says:

    Sarah Jones Lottie Connar we need those skull masks there cool as fuck xxx

  26. Emma Rhodes says:

    Ladies I just have no idea who this is 👀 but hey I’m up for anything 🤪 Sadie Bailey Sammi Antonia Bailey

  27. Wendy Mackie says:

    Sorry can’t tag but shared it 🙌

  28. Carly Carpenter says:

    Garth Carpenter Lisa Francis Zoe Bowie

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