Festival No 6 festival news : Jeremy Deller’s ‘So Many Ways to Hurt You’ Screening

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Festival Number 6


We’re delighted to welcome Turner Prize winning artist Jeremy Deller to No.6. We’ll be screening his amazing film ‘So Many Ways to Hurt You’ about legendary Welsh glam wrestler Adrian Street, who will also be joining us for a Q&A.


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6 hours ago

Festival Number 6

This is your last chance to celebrate the final Festival No.6 in this chapter. Join us for a finale like no other...

Weekend & Day Tickets: festivalnumber6.com/tickets
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Am sure it's going to be an amazing final year

Lowri Thomas fancy it?

Tania Hughes Michelle Griffiths 😄

Hollie Roberts .......

Lowri Pugh

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2 days ago

Festival Number 6

A heartfelt message from Festival No.6 - we'll be taking a break after this year's event, read our full statement here: festivalnumber6.com/message/

'Cherish the past, adorn the present, construct for the future'
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A heartfelt message from Festival No.6 - well be taking a break after this years event, read our full statement here: festivalnumber6.com/message/

Cherish the past, adorn the present, construct for the future


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Gutted to receive this email today, Festival No.6 has been on my bucket list for a long time but for various reasons we’ve never made it and never will now 😭

This is the best festival I have been to! Amazing venue, lots of kookiness, fabulous variety of acts and such a great vibe. Have been to 3 out of 5, sorry I won't be there this year. 😣

I'm beyond sad to hear this news😭 Its been by a mile the most spectacular festival we've ever been to...made great memories and fantastic friends along the way...I guess if it Was gonna end it is only fitting it would be on the 6th... Sorry about the news, but we look forward to sharing the last year. Be seeing you xxx 1 more time

I’m very glad I got a ticket then as I’ve heard such great things about this festival and have wanted to go every year - so footloose, fancy free and going alone I’ll get to see what will hopefully be the best year yet!!!!

Since we found you 4 years ago we have been every year since - just love the whole experience even getting towed out of the car park in 2016! Fab memories thank you Festival No. 6. Looking forward to a huge party now this year!

Devastated. On my bucket list but haven’t made it yet due to work commitments. Hopefully the breather won’t be a long one. X

So sad. We came to FN6 in the 1st year, 6 weeks after I finished chemo & have been every year since. It is very very special to me, I will miss you xx

Lame attempt to try and make up for poor ticket sales. Serves you right for disrespecting your customers the year of the flood, still waiting for my compensation

Noooo! It's our annual family festival get together - love it! We need to make sure we make the most of this one.......... Sue Lawton

Would be great to compketely scale it down and do a small version just held in the village areas/venues ..

We went for the first 4 years. First 3 were outstanding then went a bit glamping Mad. Primal scream the first year was a religious experience. Pet shop boys and I’m not a fan in general but probably one of my all time favourite sets. Oh and grace Jones hula hooping topless for 7 mins. Was a great festival to start.

Last year was our first ever festival. We had the best time, utterly amazing, as we were packing up the tent, we were discussing coming back this year. Luckily we have tickets, and I’m so excited ...... gutted you won’t be back in 2019, fingers crossed for 2020

Festival itself really is magical, but the whole shuttle bus/parking in a quagmire/camping on the side of a hill nonsense does sour the whole experience a bit. I’m alway jealous of the rich lot who can afford the rent a flat on site.

So quirky, authentic and exactly what you would wish for in your perfect festival. It kept its soul, didn't sell out to the plastics and has a magic about it that makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. Like Alice taking a trip to Wonderland and never being the same again.... Gutted the adventure is over ♥️

Festival No.6 is genuinely in every way the best festival I’ve ever been to. You guys have done such a good job curating such a wonderfully cultured festival, the atmosphere there is the friendliest and loveliest I’ve ever been to, and there’s easily something for everyone. I’m so glad that I can volunteer for you this year, and I hope I have the opportunity again some year! ❤️❤️❤️

Best festival I’ve ever been to (third time this year too...). The music, the buzz, the food, great beer and the people. Nothing like it! Please come back in 2020!

Absolutely gutted!!! Not been the last couple of years but made it twice and can honestly say it’s the best festival I’ve been too. Great vibe, great food and amazing beer at a festival???? Hope you make a return 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

That’s a real shame, we got engaged there in 2016 and came back married in 2017! We so hope you’ll be back. Fantastic festival and location 👍🏼

Loved the venue and the woodland trails / DJ'a. Thought it went a bit too 'Gin and Presseco / shabby chic mad in the last few years, but a great experience

I was hoping to go to this next year?!....a fantastic festival no doubt, however running and financing a festival is a huge challenge. There are many stories of festivals throughout the country who's organisers struggle to make them viable long term. The music industry needs festivals to showcase rising talent, it's one of artists main exposures and income benefits "as well as touring" because these days there's no decent income coming from music sales......Sad news indeed.

Despite my rainy experience two years ago,I’m so glad I went - the atmosphere was still amazing, you’ve created an incredible event year after year - putting on this amazing festival - no matter what size it is - is an absolutely fantastic thing in itself, unless you’ve done it small or large no one truly understands the risk, hard work everyone puts in..its takes years /months in preparation to ensure everyone has an amazing time (not easy)- not to mention the local economic benefit - hope you return - you’ll be missed - don’t give up - Big festival love 🦄🌟💜

Sad times... last year was one of the best weekends of my life 😢 I’m going to make the most of this year for sure! Be seeing you...

So much love for FN6... have been to all but the first and would be so sad to see it go. A fixture. Sure there is a way to make it work in 2020 (or ‘19!) Be seeing you 🙌

Really wanted to get to No6 at some point, but clashes with kids return to school. Hopefully sometime in a few years it will be back and we’ll be able partake.

I’ve been the last two and I’m due a baby week before festival so no chance for me to go absolutely guttered sad times I can’t make it was looking forward to returning next year 😢

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