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Festival Flyer Facebook news: New post added at Festival Flyer – Shambala Festival news: *IMPORTANT*… – Late…

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Festival Flyer Facebook news: New post added at Festival Flyer – Shambala Festival news: *IMPORTANT*… – Late…

Latest update from Festival Flyer

New post added at Festival Flyer – Shambala Festival news: *IMPORTANT*… – Latest update from Shambala Festival


What’s ‘Appening, Shambalans?
If you’ve read your Essential Guide email you will have seen mention of a little something we’ve been working on..
For the first time ever, Shambala has an App -and not just any App – rather than using a ‘free’ off the shelf event app, we built our own, with the expertise of a few amazing developers.

Why? Because we discovered that off the shelf event apps aren’t ‘free’ at all – you lot pay a hefty price for it, with your personal data. They harvest it. They keep it. They sell it. We want to resist (and debate) the relentless march of ‘big data’ capture and it’s effect on our world.

The App is somewhat different to the Souvenir Programme. Our programmes have all your listings, but are also packed with behind the scenes features, photography, updates on our green initiatives and plans, secrets and hot tips. We know lots of you like to have the programme as a souvenir, but don’t find it easy to carry around with you, as it’s not pocket sized.

The App however is pure, pocket-sized listings, locations and useful info. It’s totally free, totally anonymous and collects zero personal data. The app is built to work offline, and phone signal at Shambala is patchy at best, so download it and update it before you arrive and it will be cached to your phone so you won’t need signal, data or wifi to use it. It’s meant to enhance your experience, not dominate it – we totally appreciate some people see festivals as a much-needed chance to escape their smart phones!

This isn’t something we’ve done before, and is something we will keep working on, tweaking based on your feedback (you can send feedback through the app) and building on in the coming years.

Download it for IOS here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shambala/id1255976495?ls=1&mt=8

Download it for Android here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kambe.boma

Big love x

Shambala Festival


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