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Cosmic Ninja, who are joining us for this year’s festival, just released their latest single ‘Yeah Right’. Check out the video here:Video produced and edited by Rob Ellis Actors Lady: Gemma Renolds Girl: Mercy-Amelia Gaiger All music engineered, Recorded at Nort…

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Farmer Phil's Festival appreciation of Lead Belly's unrivalled prowess as musician and all round entertainer, Slim Chance recorded a cracking version of Duncan & Brady, the wond... ... See MoreSee Less

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Whats your funniest farmer Phils moment over the years? ... See MoreSee Less


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My mate left the tent to go to the silent disco and came back an hour later saying he couldn’t find it because he couldn’t hear it.

The year the dam burst and was running down the hill and we had to wake other traders up in tents too move out the way , and Tommy jumped in naked to fix it and then had a towel to cover up but someone pulled it from him in the crowd !! Oh this was whilst Dread zone had been on the stage too 🤦‍♀️🙈😂 Jessica Harding 🙈😂

Norma Cooper trying to cope with the long drop toilets, I used to tag along just for the entertainment 😂😂😂😂 She'll probably slowly kill me now

Some how ended up camping in band area and partied all weekend

Chumba soddin Wamba turning up having just reverted from a decent punk/indie band to performing 17th Century French Baroque music - didn't go down with the well oiled crowd - and the between songs heckling was magnificent 😂😂😂

Sliding down the bank on the old field 2009 in really bad wet mud... getting completely covered head to toe!!! 2010 James Jarvis peeing in the tent in middle of night....ohh no on my clothes!!! Rocking Rachel in the porta loo.... 😂😂🤣 2010

to many to mention

Watching John Ottway. Tears running down our faces with laughter

Usually getting off site in several ft of mud

Going back many years (t was old site) a European band not going down well and swearing at the audience (mid afternoon slot) Phil eventually got up asked the crowd what they wanted and then told the band to clear off!

Last year making sure I put up the tents properly before the guys got there, job well done lol

Fuzz trying to introduce the bands.

Trying to get to the bar the one year it poured down could of been 2009 and watching people tryin not to fall over in mud carrying beer

Singing along with Philip Harding to "always look on the bright side of life" in a urinal with 'issues'

Marc Roberts...sausages

Simon Warren Michael Day Rebecca Day Poonami

The dog trying to climb out of the caravan window and Michael Pope with his wasp phobia

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