Dream Wife - Somebody/Act My Age (Electric Fields 2018)

Electric Fields news : Dream Wife – Somebody/Act My Age (Electric Fields 2018)

Latest Festival Flyer update from Electric Fields Festival

Rewatch some of the action from Vic Galloway‘s BBC Radio Scotland stage this year! Some awesome videos in this playlist featuring Dream Wife, Sunflower Bean, Solareye, Out Lines and more…

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Hello. We're sorry we got that totally wrong, and genuinely can only apologise. We have emailed all ticket holders with updated information on partial and full refunds. We'd be grateful if you could check your inboxes and reply accordingly. ... See MoreSee Less


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Feel really sad about this, I haven't missed an EF since it morphed out of Comlonglon Rocks.Its been a fantastic event every year but I also feel for the organisers having to make this decision due to finances as it can't have been easy. It's been great for the local area and I have some brilliant memories of them all. I just hope that after Whickerman and now EF now gone others will be able to replace them but I fear the big corperate festivals are squeezing the smaller ones out at times.

It’s such a shame. My husband and I attended your first year, which was incredible. We then took our kids to your 5th anniversary last year and they loved it. It was there first time camping. It was a stunning setting for parents to chill and kids to go wild. We were all looking forward to this year and my son even said the other day that we need to get the tent ready 🤣 we are gutted that you have come to this decision. Unfortunately we will have to look at other family friendly festivals. RIP electric fields. It was good whilst it lasted 😢

Maybe a venue that was outside and more of a festival vibe for families. This isn’t really the best alternative to EF is it ? SWG3 serve a purpose but the venue at Dumfries is incomparable

People need to be a bit more optimistic, could turn out to be a great event, the festival isn’t good because of the venue it’s good because of the people, give it a chance. I’ve worked and been to my fair share of festivals across Britain and never had a bad experience because it’s a weekend with my mates having a good time. People moaned when t in the park turned into transmit but they still go and have a great time so why not give electric fields a chance

I had high hopes and many great memories from the first few years of EF festival. So sad it wen't wrong.

Anyone had a reply to their email regarding full refund?? Thanks

Keep your chin up guys the festival will still be a success these things happen sometimes keep going x

Can't please everyone. People are easy to criticise and have actually no idea how hard it is to run a huge festival like electric fields. It's not cheap running a camping event especially 👍 👍 👍.

I have replied to e mail and requested a refund on Tuesday night. How long do I need to wait before refund and reply?

Andrew Harkness

Gutted that EF has changed Venue...the forgotten corner of Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 suffers again!!...must admit I was rather suspicious when the festival was earlier than usual🤔...rather late notice ...sure there’s politics involved and not only financially motivated...bitter blow to our area😢...never will return...⚰️

I feel for them.. they got it wrong and said so.. it’s just a sentence that was missing is all.. Full refunds available.. they just honestly didn’t apreiciate the magnitude of the venue change. I have met these guys and they are really down to earth

Bring back free festivals its how it started its way out of hand 😁

This is so sad - Drumlanrig is beautiful, whereas I have never been in a more soul-less, atmosphere-lacking venue as SWG3 - it sucks the life out of anyone entering it's door.

Is this linked to comlongan going in to administrsraition ?

Kels Potts

All you can do is apologise! Fair play ! Shit happens

Emily Woodhouse 😂

Such a shame - must have been a hard choice it was an amazing event but appreciate the full refund

Well done for the quick resolution.

Sarah Smith

What were you thinking was gonna happen with that? Unbelievable piece of communication.

To be fair, the policing costs are astronomical . They’re being priced outside their market and their hands have been forced. I’d be venting your rage towards D&G council.....

Lindisfarne festival it is then!

Sam Fraser😢

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