Eklectica FESTIVAL NEWS: Watching Over Me – Kris Barras Band – Live at The Wharf 2018

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The incredible Kris Barras Band is back at this years Eklectica Music Festival 2018. Kris Barras is the UK’s most exciting Blues/Rock Guitarist. The band’s Southern, Blues-Rock sound encompasses dirty riffs, husky vocals and screaming guitar solo’s… www.eklectica.live 🙌

Here’s the first solo from ‘Watching Over Me’ filmed and recorded live, in front of a sold out crowd, at The Wharf in Tavistock.

For the full video, click here:

Catch us on tour throughout the UK in September:


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1 month ago


One of my favourite memories from the summer. Playing Eklectica on the Isleofwight.live. This photo is dedicated to the memory of Bradders on keys who was immolated to achieve this righteous shot (You can just about see his yellow leg) ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago


We’re still working through all the amazing videos from #Eklectica2018 and just came across this beauty of @thebeatboxcollective hitting up the Outwoods stage! .
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Haha Jane Followill

Philip Blay. This wasn’t your footage was it??!!

I see me and dyl Melanie Ameyxxxx

Dannii Michelle 🙈



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6 days ago

Reading Festival

"I don't want to waste my time
Become another casualty of society." 👊👊
Sum 41, Reading 2018
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I dont want to waste my time
Become another casualty of society. 👊👊
Sum 41, Reading 2018


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Léa C'était pas Reading ça 🤔

Matthew Crowson

Matthew Crowson

They were so good, get them back next year if they aren't recording

... this is Leeds

That's definitely not reading - I was choking on the dust being kicked up from the pits not covering from the rain ☀️

Jessica Lauren can we go again next year? 👀

Not reading

Michael Dart

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2 weeks ago

Reading Festival

READING Festival, you did it AGAIN! 💥 Here's your 2018 highlights video. ❤️️
Get tickets for 2019 NOW at 2018 prices: bit.ly/2yLtgmm
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Macauley Harding

Trinity James

LucymayKhloCody x

Ellie Makin....u ready to do it all again? I Can’t wait xx

Another great festival can’t wait for next year now.

Kieran Preston Holly Taylor

Aimi Hughes

Chloe Hamill Stephanie-Paige Lloyd Steven Watson Bob Rarnes

Izzy Thorbek-Green bring on next year 🎉

Chloe Gibson

Emma Bacon

Ben Attan

Beth Amess

Oscar Rombach Britney Blackford Tom Carter Matt Williams George Bowman Chris Kinge Harry Newton-Shaw Louis Sodera Sharn Doherty Emma Collins ❤❤❤❤❤

Ben Morgan

Bradley Lawrence Gareth Danks ready for next year bois

Taya Brooks-smith

Jeremy Jarman I wanna go back 😭

James Bennison

Abbie Louise Taylor

Josh Moss Will Macnab

Brittany Cunningham-Scott

Michael Garland Joe Hood Jonny Woodward

Tina Bird Matilda Grace Bell Toby Walker Georgia Marshall Nathan Hampton Jamie Thatcher George Spake Callum Waughman Riley Smith Björn Smith Tim Trotman Ben Gosney Robert Caton Jacob Clark Maddy Cornmell Emma Norris

Sarah-Lou Hayes 😍😍😍

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