Eklectica FESTIVAL NEWS: Happy Pay-Yay!

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It’s Friday, it’s pay day…and the sun is shining! If you’re in the festival mood and haven’t got your ticket yet – now’s the time! Join Scouting For Girls, Pixie Lott, The Fratellis and a whole host of other acts for an epic weekend of live music! Don’t miss out – grab your ticket online now: https://buff.ly/2IK1Sv4


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1 week ago


One of my favourite memories from the summer. Playing Eklectica on the Isleofwight.live. This photo is dedicated to the memory of Bradders on keys who was immolated to achieve this righteous shot (You can just about see his yellow leg) ... See MoreSee Less

4 weeks ago


We’re still working through all the amazing videos from #Eklectica2018 and just came across this beauty of @thebeatboxcollective hitting up the Outwoods stage! .
#eklectica #livemusic #festival #musicfestival #outwoods #beatbox #beatboxing #isleofwight
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Haha Jane Followill

Philip Blay. This wasn’t your footage was it??!!

I see me and dyl Melanie Ameyxxxx

Dannii Michelle 🙈



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3 days ago

Reading Festival

Who can relate. 😂😂 ... See MoreSee Less


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Joe Alex Burridge Craig Rayner Natalie Pitt Rachel Gatens

Lara Neelsen

Alice Wilkinson

Alice O'Flynn

Privélina Marion

Leah Sharp us after zante😂

Tegan Hawker William Hurry

Alan Jack Parmenter

Danny Joe Haswell

Cally Tanswell

Mike Mastermind Witt actual hell. 😂

Simone Codrington Laura Sian Codrington 😂😍😂🙈

Ben White trying to get through Monday full stop

Kelly Jordan after a festival? That’s me just trying to get through Monday 🤷‍♀️

Zoe Guvenc


Jon Cash you rekon you could do this ?

Eddie Boylett

That’s why I book Monday off Claire Nichols

Anika Ds

Amber West me after boomtown

Anne mig der battler bachelorprojekt, livet og tømmermænd

Emily Sutton 😂😂😂

Katie Dumbrell Kim Thompson Jasmine Meichle

Bénédicte Pian, Léa Ferront, Thai-An Than Trong. Moi le lundi juste après Rock en Seine x)

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6 days ago

Reading Festival

QUIZ: If you've done 16/20 of these things at Reading Festival you need to reassess your life. 🙅🙅‍♂️
👉👉 www.readingfestival.com/news/reading-habits-quiz
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Rebecca Herbert lol this is amazing

Disgusting!!! Clarrissa Mae Shortland💜🖤

Lauren Lewis

Oliver Moorhouse a bit too relatable

Holly White Jack Hamblin Classic

Charlie Sweeney

Will Ward so me 😫😫

Sophie Gillott

Emily Gageldonk

Jack Robins Charley Rachael 😂😂

What’s is?

Cerys Olivia Tegan

Chris Dungey

Jade Cameron

Caitlin Barnett Georgia Williams Clare Amy Kenting

Tia Blythe

GrGrace Bointon Jordan Stevens Peter Freeman

GrGrace Bointon Jordan Stevens Peter Freeman

Jamie Potter

Anthony Pace

Maisie Taylor you @ reading

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