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We spoke to Avatar ahead of their return to Donington for #DL2018!! 🤘🔥 Want to win an Avatar merch pack? 🎶 Comment below and let us know Avatar’s favourite thing about Download, and tell us your favourite Download memory. 🚨

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2 days ago

Download Festival

WHO'S A GOOD BOY?! 🐶🤘 Happy National Puppy Day to our favourite big red pup 🔥 ... See MoreSee Less

WHOS A GOOD BOY?! 🐶🤘 Happy National Puppy Day to our favourite big red pup 🔥


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That six pack 😂

Matt Bell that's worth the ticket price alone a man in a big red dog suit, book it

When you realising the Friday fancy dress theme guy's

Where can we find him at download. Didnt see him at all last year?

Nora VG

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3 days ago

Download Festival

THERE'S A FEVER COMING TO #DL2019 🔥🤘 Sunday 16 June 🎟👉 ... See MoreSee Less


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Philippa Mae Manning

Nathan Heales

Angel Scott

You better appreciate the fact I’m missing download this year for you Leah.. ❤️


Jamie Bray

Ryan Hayhurst Chris Rickard Richard Honeywill Jordan Kellow

Daryl next tour and demonstrations, we’re going

Nathan Williams genuinely gutted I didn't catch these in the tent

Adam Toward! I dont know if they have already been announced already. I forget. But yay!!!

Matthew Johnson

Matthew Preston Thomas Hargreaves

Kieran Ratcliff

Logan this is fever 333, they will be mad

Logan this is fever 333, they will be mad

Matthew we can't miss these guys this year


Malika Garwell

Thomas Wilbur gotta try and see em this year

They were absolutely brilliant when they supported BMTH

Chris Jones this band is the one I was telling you about bro

Jamie Duffy

Kasper Løven Therkelsen😍


Dave Tonks this year...?

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23 thoughts on “Download news: Download Interviews Avatar

  1. Their favourite thing are the people attending, and my favourite memory is discovering these on the main stage in 2016, they were incredible, I am definitely a member of Avatar Country!!!

  2. The people attending of course metal heads together old an new!!. My favourite thing was discovering them through the dowload festival site and now I can’t wait to see them live devil horns raised 🕸🕷⛤💀

  3. Got to be the crowd of freakshows 🤟🏻
    Bout time we had a visit from the King himself 😃

    Favourite memory was Becky catching a Babymetal drumstick from the 2016 set

  4. They’re favorite thing is the people attending my favorite thing is just the overall feeling at the festival its just madness but everyone’s still just so chilled out

  5. There favorite thing at download is the people but also the members reply back to there fans on twitter I’ve had a few conventions with the members over twitter really nice guys.

    My favorite avatar moment was at download 2014 I was at the barrier watching them and during the song ‘let it burn’ Johannes came to the barrier where I was stood with a petrol can and pured it over himself and the crowd 🙂

    My all time favorite download moment is of course proposing to my girlfriend at download 2016 <3

  6. Avatar’s favourite thing about Download UK is the people …. mine on the other hand was getting drunk and meeting Alestorm last year 🤘☠️🤘 Lovely fellas … even put up with Graham and my terrible chat 😆

  7. The citizens of avatar country of course. My favourite is getting to show my favourite band avatar my home made union Jack avatar flag I made. Check your video of 2016 and you will see it on the video

  8. Avatars favourite thing at download is the people, my favourite moment at download was seeing Rammstein in the rain in 2016, just loved the way their pyrotechnics momentarily dried me before I was drenched by the rain again 😂

  9. Avatars favourite thing is the crowd the people of Avatar Country! My favourite memory is seeing avatar rock the stage in 2014 for the second time and thinking these guys are going to be huge! Seeing the crowds reaction to them was insane. They greeted them with open arms and horns!

  10. Avatar is bloody awesome heard them for the first time at download 2016, love their appearance but especially the vocals be it heavy or subtle, beat download memory,2016 disturbed wall of death!!

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