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Download news: Demolition Download DL2019

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Download news: Demolition Download DL2019

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Who stopped by Demolition Download in THE SINDROME at #DL2019 ⚔👊🔥

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32 Responses

  1. Iain Renton says:

    Why ?

  2. Peter Óg Deeney says:

    Shane Wilson Eddie Forshaw

  3. Mathew Fugatt says:

    Dyfed Dman Brewin

  4. Guy Bish-Jones says:


  5. Craig Headbanger Mcghee says:

    Caitlin Buck

  6. Jayde Abigail says:

    Dave Sheppard Ben Bishop Olly Roberts Joel Collett

  7. Emma Larder says:

    Ben Bishop

  8. Dan Jervis says:

    The Virgin Championships 2019

  9. Keith Daly says:

    Darrin Carr wish we could’ve done this

  10. Angela Bros says:


  11. Sarah-louise Martin says:

    Wanted to watch this but too many people couldn’t see a darn thing

  12. Ian Summerfield says:

    Would prefer you to pay some barstaff rather than volunteers who leave. I can live without sword fighting at download, i can’t live with 45 minute queues for the bar.

  13. Kyle Martin says:

    Cal Eric

  14. Katy Young says:

    Michael Bray bet they wouldn’t stand a chance against the vikings

  15. Jack Brockie says:

    RobinOlli YEEEEEE!!!

  16. Hampus Rydner says:

    Gabriel Eriksson Felix Arvsell

  17. Adam Duxbury says:

    Oliver Frankland Connor Pritchard missed it boys

  18. Luke Purcell says:

    Why are people complaining about the bar? If you’re smart enough you’ll get some drinks in before an act ends so you’re not waiting. I waited a maximum of 5 mins for my drinks each time. Use your heads

  19. Eryn Doe says:

    Samuel Howel

  20. Daniel Apthorpe says:

    Still can’t beat strongbow vs foster knights

  21. Jodie Alisha Shannon says:

    Birmingham Medieval Combat

  22. Daniel Ninnis says:

    Damien Duvall

  23. Richard Hughes says:

    Didn’t see it and why would I ?? I’ve come to rock my socks off, not watch a couple of silver tits strutting their stuff !!??

  24. Luigi Dredd Armato says:

    I saw semi finals of air guitar and Condon man was epic 😂

  25. Michael Seerey says:

    Lee Pettit

  26. Michael R Poole says:

    Loved this in a former life think I was a Knight in armour, that or his wench or armour polisher

  27. Kamil Kuczynski says:

    James Cowler

  28. Josh Roberts says:

    Clive Middleton
    Kim Evans
    35 seconds in 🤟🤟

  29. Josh Dale says:

    Abbie Green YEAH BOIIIIII

  30. Jonas Olausson says:

    Berserk ‘yeah 😎😂

  31. Shaun Wilson says:

    Dan Peo Richard Longstaff Remember these mad fucks!!!

  32. Jonas Olausson says:

    The Best Festival 😁

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