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Download news: Campervan tickets

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Download news: Campervan tickets

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ATTN Downloaders! More #DL2020 campervan tickets will be on sale TOMORROW at 5pm πŸ‘€πŸ€˜

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20 hours ago

Download Festival

Downloaders, it time dust off your your cape and get ready to save the world as your #DownloadTV Friday theme is SUPERHEROES! ⚑

Get involved at home next Friday and show us your superhero transformations for the chance to win 1 of 5 Β£50 Co-op vouchers.

We’ll also be asking you to nominate your own personal superheroes - fellow Downloaders who go above and beyond to make the world a better place. πŸ–€ bit.ly/3cvFela
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Felt like Download today. Sunshine followed by torrential rain and hail. Followed by gale force wind.

I've got a couple of Superman tatts. Sooo naked it is then. πŸ•ΊπŸ˜‚

Was planning on dressing as KISS on the Friday, will have to incorporate 🦸‍♂️

Adam J Skolfield Up for this lol


Matt Gash

Rean Mcfadyen we getting dressed up for our zoom call 🀘🏻

Lori Renniks

Brandon BigMac Green

Matthew MattMan Morrison Lauren Morrison Alex Gibson

Alexander Nicol get your cape dusted aff 🀘

Aaron Owen Sion Taylor nai fod yn Hulk

Matthew Rawlinson

Cameron Johnstone

Maurice Herberts Nathaniel Ridal 🀟🏼


we are doing tiger king!

Scott I hope Teddy has a costume ready!

Laura Sinclair theme for Friday x

Chris Greensmith

Damn it!! I don't have a hero costume!!

Hope I get my DL tv merchandise - pre ordered it in plenty of time , fingers crossed 🀘🏼🀘🏼

I'm going as corona boy 🦸😷πŸ’₯πŸ’¨

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3 days ago

Download Festival

Downloaders, who do you want to see take to the stage at Download 2021? Share your thoughts on next year’s line up by completing our survey for a chance to win x2 VIP Weekend tickets! 🀘

Survey closes 10/06/20 5pm.

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Downloaders, who do you want to see take to the stage at Download 2021? Share your thoughts on next year’s line up by completing our survey for a chance to win x2 VIP Weekend tickets! 🀘

Survey closes 10/06/20 5pm. 

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Marissa Golding

Lee Lambley xxx

Angela Allen Poe Matt Dartnell

Joy Caley Lucas Addams


Ghost iron maiden Metallica

James Haughty Kerys Payne

New Years Day or My Chem

Thy Art Is Murder!!!!!!!!!

In all seriousness - if you could rebook basically the 2020 lineup. 2020 was already shaping up to be a fantastic year for my tastes

Amber Chetty

Iron maiden terroevision. 🀘🀘🎢🎢

Five Finger Death Punch


Avenged Sevenfold πŸ‘πŸ»

Emma McCabe

Rebook this year's lineup 🀘

Marie Alexandra Lloyd Naomi Turley

Suzie Prosser Sam Atkins


Friday - Alterbridge Saturday - Van Halen Sunday - Metallica

Rebook this years line up for sure!!

New bands.

Alestorm. A7X. Disturbed.

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5 days ago

Download Festival

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Yo comment section racists in denial. Saying Black Lives Matter doesn't insinuate that other lives don't. Just, FYI.

Woah, the comments on this post are so sad πŸ™ I thought my expectations of humanity were low enough but apparently not....

Yes download we need more people to tale action on this racism is not ok in any form

Wow, I wasn’t expecting to see comments like this on a Download post. Shameful.

the ignorance in some of these comment sections is unreal. All lives matter CANNOT matter until Black lives do. I see you and I stand with you as an ally, to all the people who have had to go through and still experience racism.

Lo and behold the comments show one of the biggest issues with the metal community. Black Lives Matter does not mean your white ass doesn't matter. Read a history book and educate yourselves

Andy Woodhead most of the comments on here are disgusting.

Social media all to myself tomorrow

What actually is black out Tuesday? I get it's related to the BLM stuff going on but this is the first I've heard of it and you ask us to join you without telling us how 😬 I'm guessing you're expecting most people to have seen other posts about it?

it’s funny when i first came on the alternative scene i thought it was so open and accepting but honestly it’s the complete opposite looool

People keep saying "every life matters", like when they read black lives matter they see the word "only" at the front Reminds me a lot of "not all men!1!"

So whats actually happening ?

It's quite clear that the problem walks among us. This needs to change.

So disappointed in some of the comments..real lack of empathy and ignorance

'All lives matter' is the equivalent to 'straight pride'.

If you take issue with people calling out racism, but not with the actual racism at play, then guess what? You're part of the problem.

And in one fell swoop, the metal community proved itself to be incredibly toxic. Congratulations guys

So what’s exactly happening on Tuesday? What actions will be taken to help this cause?

Fully support this message we need to group together to stop racism of all kinds the problems we have it it's still second nature to some and until we can change the stereotypes we will always have hate and rasicm

What do I need to do πŸ‘πŸ»

What is happening and how can we be involved?

To the idiots screaming all lives matter. White people aren’t being victimised because of the colour of their skin, black people are the victims and have been for many years. Yes, all lives matter, obviously, but all lives aren’t being targeted by racist idiots are they.

Wow, just wow.

Thank you for ending racism

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5 days ago

Download Festival

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Well done

Very good

Thank you for standing up for what is right.

How Metal should be. supportive.

They will have a little extra disposable income from the money them and Metallica made scamming fans so makes sense.

Phil Anselmo must be crying right now lol

Well said


Josh Brammeld

Wear black for black lives?

Sarah Connolly

Yeah racists do destroy culture. Download wouldn't be welcome in most countries in the world would it, a group of white blokes listening to slayer. Could never

Yes, this! ✊🏾✊🏻✊🏾✊🏻

Maybe on Download TV fest in a couple of weeks you can have a portion of the weekend dedicated to bands from our black community? Showing how these people are our community, that we live and breathe together, we fight together, we support them and stand with them.

A misogynous festival tries to speak out against discrimination? Good joke...

Well done Download. πŸ‘πŸΎ

Weve gone from Dont Look Back In Anger to Burn Motherfucker Burn

We don't consider racism to be a political issue; it's a human issue. We don't think it's a left-ist or right-ist issue, it's a human issue... Download celebrates the values of tolerance, empathy and understanding; we wish to make it clear that racism has absolutely NO place at the festival or on our online channels. Racist comments on this post will be deleted.


Another [BRAND] throwing their hat into the ring of social justice for the soul purpose of making a bit more money

Filth on the right don’t like to be confronted with their wickedness.

It’s funny how the racists and their sympathisers like to out themselves on posts like these.

Maybe try booking more black artists in future.

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39 Responses

  1. Jackie M Beer says:

    Kerry Spicer-Fox

  2. James Richard says:

    Alan Red Al Hobson

  3. Rupert Donovan says:

    Dave Bush Fiona Rudge Michael Fagg

  4. Stephanie Morris says:

    Jennifer Lofty Himsworth!!!

  5. Louisa Cribb says:


  6. David Stevens says:

    Lisa Sweeney Neil Clougher – don’t leave it so late this year!!

  7. Kirsty Lindley Foster says:

    Lauren Myers 😏

  8. Lisa Sweeney says:

    Nooo thanks for info we on it πŸ˜‚

  9. Elaine Cobley says:

    David Cobley

  10. Dave DavΓ­es says:

    Jonathan Boulton

  11. Amanda Phillips says:

    Sean Brom

  12. Ant Taylor says:

    Have you got any mooring bays for a boat thinking of staying in barge next year πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  13. Chris Heaton says:

    Rhianon Cooper

  14. Leanne Burnett says:

    Paul Gibson fancy it? Camping though? Xxxxxxx

  15. Christine Lyness says:

    Clem Lyness

  16. Chris White says:

    Steve Trams

  17. Wayne Dinsdale says:

    Tony Veitch Helen Fairbairn Marc Dinsdale Carl Murphy get the campervan sorted!

  18. Wil Harrison says:

    Erin Lomas

  19. Craig Pringle says:

    Neil Farquhar

  20. Ruthie Wells says:

    Joanne Jobson & Emma Stewart 😘

  21. Nick Tett says:

    Darren Tett David Haskins Bower Daniel Richards

  22. Neil Haughton says:

    Wayne Turnbull

  23. Cal Jones says:

    Scott Miller

  24. Nina Anne Blackstock says:

    Neil Photay

  25. Sarah-Dee Fordham says:

    Jennifer Craig Moon Michael Glasby

  26. Anna Howitt says:

    Andrea Goodship

  27. Nathan Bellamy says:

    Hannah Clarke what you reckon?

  28. Si Clark says:

    Should have to give your registration when u buy it.
    Too many on eBay at double the cost.

  29. Steve Vane says:

    Can anyone tell me when getting a campervan ticket do you have to at same time get the weekend camping ticket or can that be purchased later

  30. Jackie Webb says:


  31. Jamie Mahon says:

    Sam Mchale

  32. Gareth Moores says:

    Nigel Jones Louis Smit Nick Jones

  33. Alan Red Al Hobson says:

    Yeah but is that Campervan + ?

  34. Paula Curtis says:

    Thanks for the heads up 🀘🀘

  35. Margaret Wilson says:

    Julian wilson

  36. Lisa Pickford says:

    Ben Peard

  37. Lucy Holme says:

    Geoff Jones Leah Gleadhill

  38. Kimberley Arnold says:

    Mike Abram did you say you managed to get one?

  39. Adam Wall says:

    Alex Wall Jack Dace Joe Dace

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