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Did you wear any ‘interesting’ outfits last year? What are your festival props t…

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Did you wear any ‘interesting’ outfits last year? What are your festival props t…

Did you wear any ‘interesting’ outfits last year? What are your festival props this year?



24 Responses

  1. Vince Chapman says:

    Red morphsuit

  2. Sam Cherry says:

    Haha I remember this guy from last year, the guy who dressed as Jesus that got lifted during Robert De Long was the best though

  3. Emily James says:

    Hippie style my friends talking flower headbands and tassel cardies x

  4. Charlie Jardine says:

    Pink fairy

  5. Russell Barbury says:

  6. Jake Crisp says:

    Sub zero and my m8 is scorpion!

  7. Peter Johnson says:

    Crazy Robb

  8. Michael Hiccup Gargett says:

    On the Friday, Wolf onesie and a cape, crowd surfed out to While She Sleeps ^_^

  9. Sam Moitié says:

    Hot dog suit is gonna be making an appearance.

  10. Antony Waterson says:

    our group dressed up as ladies on the friday. we were dancing outside nme while bastille was on. sure we got more attention than the band

  11. Natasha Mills says:

    I bumped into Jesus last year.

  12. Cam Webb says:

    Ethan Grant

  13. Victoria Thompson says:

  14. Jordan Stoner says:

    A biker jacket that says “Jesus hates pussies”

  15. Annabel Platt says:

    Emma-Jane Weston Raven Austin-Jones

  16. Lucy Beer says:

    Angela Katy Cherries Charlotte Collins totally need to dress up!!!!

  17. Phoebe O'Brien says:

    Emma Grant

  18. Tanahya Grace says:

    Fiona Loy squid army!

  19. Sarah Buddell says:

    Pearly Queens, 80’s style & union jacks! Maura

  20. Fran Caines says:

    Robert Scrivin let me dress him up as a lady. A weirdly pretty looking man lady.

  21. Isabella Edwards says:

    Nancy Boy Spinner

  22. Nicky Johnson says:

    Samantha Johnson Dean Wade Daniel Helps Lindsey Berridge Chris Dunne Lara Dobson Kate Muir Alice Harvey what’s ours guys?!

  23. Chris Dunne says:

    I like the look of the Jesus attire Nicky !

  24. Victoria Ann Steatham says:

    Mark Bate didn’t u wear an interesting outfit 2011?! Robert Steatham Karl Bate

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