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Crystal Castles mixing it with the Main Stage crowd at Reading ’12

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Crystal Castles mixing it with the Main Stage crowd at Reading ’12

Crystal Castles mixing it with the Main Stage crowd at Reading ’12



25 Responses

  1. Adam 'Ace' Edmundson says:

    Shame Alice has left :’c

  2. Steven Hampson says:

    When you idiots put them on in the day time.

  3. Guðrún Helga Fossdal Reynisdóttir says:

    Ása Þorsteinsdóttir við vorum þarna <3 <3 <3

  4. Tish Tosh Marié Russell says:

    Courtney Jade one of the best festivals x

  5. Wassim Lahmer says:

    BMTH 2016 pls!!!

  6. Lee Archard says:

    Aren’t you in the crowd there somewhere Claire? 😜

  7. Jessica Hodson says:

    Ha, at this precise moment I was sat in the back of the crowd hanging.. So wanted to be at the front for this.

  8. Josh Kettle says:

    Good times Ben Tristram

  9. Jack Hill says:

    April Rose

  10. Adrienne Masterson says:

    Thats when I learnt it’s not good to stand by the massive speakers! I still haven’t recovered!

  11. Tora-Don Best says:

    Demi Best

  12. Katie Hall says:

    Taylor Crisp

  13. Lauren Webber says:

    Billy Taylor 😁😁😁😁

  14. Tabitha Preston says:

    Ella-Jayne Rushbrooke Emily Saunders remember?

  15. Nathan Dyas says:

    I was in that crowd!

  16. Karen Allen says:

    Looks like you Rhea Simister……..😳

  17. Helen Stone says:

    Daisy J – weren’t we rescued from this?

  18. Josh Barker says:

    It’s not the same without Alice

  19. Lauren Frances says:

    Kate Ann

  20. Jacob Older says:

    Rian Talbot

  21. Tony Yates says:

    saw their last song, but I was at the NME tent then, where The Hives were killing it!

  22. Jade Hobday says:

    Miriam Rios Verdejo it’s you 😂💜💜

  23. Ben Croxford says:

    Chris Pridmore remember how fucking mental this was?!

  24. Emily Foot says:

    Lucy Foot we’re in there somewhere…

  25. Sallyann Savage says:

    I was there 😀

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