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Fairport Convention - The Roses Theatre

Cropredy news : Fairport Convention – The Roses Theatre

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The Wintour ’18 kicks off in just 10 days in Tewkesbury. Just 2 seats left for The Roses! https://uk.patronbase.com/_RosesTheatre/Productions/FPC/Performances

Fairport Convention – The Roses Theatre

Fairport’s Cropredy Convention Official page



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Apparently Mr Pegg has had his email hacked by ne'er-do-wells. If you have by any chance received an email from D Pegg with an invoice attached, please ignore.
All sorted now!
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Damn it, I was looking forward to the new job he offered me as full-time beer taster for the chaps ...

I’ve got a signed Peggy to cash so I’m ok !

Sorry I laughed Peggy!

Putting in my invoice shortly for five decades of making you guys chuckle.

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Last week - The AA required some roadside assistance from Keith when collecting their signs at the top of the field... ... See MoreSee Less

Last week - The AA required some roadside assistance from Keith when collecting their signs at the top of the field...


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He’s a very nice man, a very very nice man! 😂

Oh dear! Glad Keith was on hand, hope he didn’t charge them too much.

Ahh there has to be a Fairport pun in there somewhere... "Keith and the hedge", he's gonna miss all the hedge, when the time is right hes gonna pull all of his friends" ....etc Help me out here. :)

Many years ago, the AA and RAC vans got stuck in the muddy hollow, outside the coffee stall, at the entrance to the camp site. We did offer to give them a tow out, but they declined, as they were told they had to wait for their own people to come and give them a pull.

Love it 🤣🤣🤣


Keith - the 5th emergency service

I Like this shot, well captured.

Thought Keith looked like he was heading for a breakdown.....

At least it wasn’t a Caravan he was towing 🤣

At least they collected theirs. some of The Sealed Knot Society Official signs from the battle in June were still there when we arrived for the festival

Keith Pulled at Cropredy

Alcoholics Anonymous has a new Signs business now ??

Keith Hughes didn't know you were still working !?!?

Helen Cherry Andrew Cherry 🍒

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

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