Creamfields news : Tiesto | Steel Yard London

Tiesto | Steel Yard London

Latest Festival Flyer update from Creamfields

6 weeks to go until Steel Yard London at Finsbury Park with Tiësto Steve Angello Faithless dj set & special guests Tchami x Malaa No Redemption!

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Eric Prydz’ World record breaking live show, HOLO comes to London when Steel Yard returns to Finsbury Park* on Saturday 25 May Bank Holiday Weekend.

EPIC 5.0 was the fastest ever selling Steel Yard show – make sure you’re signed up for pre-sale tickets for his return!

*subject to contract
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Calum Morgan sorry! I know you wanna get Xmas out the way first but this looks fuckin mega!!!!

Charlie Jillings birthday present hint hint

Hannen Bishop I genuinely want to go to this!!!

Nathan Gore seen this for lazers tho

Sam Khan Iestyn Longley look when it is 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 that’s your birthday plans sorted Pole

Michelle Emma Storey Ryan Warrington up for this ?

Scotty Sipos this is something we really really have to do

Kieran Marwood do both days this year?

David Jameson if its going to be as good as it was as cream. We should go.

Emily Clarkson right this is the one! 🙌🏽

Hailey Abadie get this in your diary! You have to see it to believe it

Fergus Walsh might be tempted to come down for this

I seen Eric performing Holo at Braehead Arena in Glasgow, the best show ever IMO, it’s a pure audio & visual entertainment 👌👌

Amy Weller Joe Weller lets go to this! I went last year it’s nuts🙃

Will the production be the same as cream as In all the moving light rigs? 👀

Zarak Bourner this has gotta happen after missing him at Cream

Danny Rogers how amazing would this be!

Danika Wells Elle Jordan like creamfields all over again and the last night😂

Rhys Bevan as were not doing creamfields next year and we are still yet to see him 🙄🙄🙄


Alex Jack this is a must next year fella the new Eric prydz 3D show I went last year as Tiesto was there but this just announced

Shev Sealey told you it wouldn’t be mans last one

Sarah Clare maybe we should go seem as though we only seen 10 mins of it at creamfields and nearly got humped to death 🤔😂

Ross McDonald Chris Maxwell since Chris missed it at creamfields 😂😂😂

Steven Finch 😮 fancy this?! If not I will go on my own!!! Haha

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2 days ago


Steel Yard returns to London in 2019 on Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th May Bank Holiday Weekend! Sign up now for pre-sale: ... See MoreSee Less

Steel Yard returns to London in 2019 on Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th May Bank Holiday Weekend!   Sign up now for pre-sale:


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Don't miss out

Let’s have.. Saturday Armin Van Buuren (ASOT) Sunday Swedish House Mafia 🙌🎉🕺

I’ve registered. We’re going 😂 Rachael Martin Max Sicherman

Sha Ferris depending who’s on a might go was it you that said the steel yards good ?

Jake Morse Melissa Mcwha weekend away?🤔🤔🤔

Josh Winter make a weekend of it in London braaaaa

Jordan Tavendale mine and Kylie’s last weekend in London

Heather Arnott Laura Addison don’t even think about it coz the answer is NO

Can’t wait for you to take my £50 for each event, only to drop each event to £50 for both events, and then eventually £10 on the day! #screwed2yearsinarow

Karl Johnston more I think about it I reckon it'll be swedish house mafia, on the website it has a countdown leading to Monday 10am

Your coming this with me next year Jenna Tomlinson

Kieran Stolarek going here always wanted to go to London xxx

Alex Parker if you’re not coming to cream at least come to this?

Stuart Anderson would be rude not to

Mark Heyes George Brankin Emma Rothwell this again is a must, the whole weekend this time 🕺🏽

Jay Merrett 1st wedding anniversary?

Aaron Powell Adam Bryan I'm well game if someone good is on like Martin garrix or dimitri Vegas and like Mike...

Sophie Evans my late 22nd celebrations? My bdays on the 3rd😭😭😭😭

Eric Prydz HOLO?? Swedish House Mafia??

were we met babe. we going for the sake of the aniversary make it a special one cream i found something special here last year your turn to make it a special day for me... Megan Thornley

Sam Smith Mick McGuire shall we just do it for the bus journey 😂

Elena Ballari tiè registrati va così non resti fuori l’anno prossimo 😆

Hannah Murfitt wanna come wth me and a few others?xxxx

Swedish House Mafia 😎😂😂

Connie State Jon Mawnos Toby Annis Luke Gray let’s actually go next year

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