Creamfields news : Set your alarms ⏰! We’re announcing our very first Creamfields 2018 headline art…

Set your alarms ⏰! We’re announcing our very first Creamfields 2018 headline art...

Latest Festival Flyer update from Creamfields

Set your alarms ⏰! We’re announcing our very first Creamfields 2018 headline artist at 11am tomorrow morning. Who do YOU want it to be?




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2 days ago


Who wishes they could fast forward to the biggest Sunday of 2018? #CreamfieldsSunday

#Creamfields2018 will sell out this weekend. Don't Miss Out!
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What time do Saturday only tickets start x

Not bothering this year was hard work trying buy some pills last year

Charlottex Thomas Cameron Stokes BethanyDabbs next year ?

When will set times be announced?

Please just hurry 😬😬😬!! And please be sunny 🤞🏻🍀🌞

I wish i could go cant believe missing this year 😓😓

The countdown is on 🤗 Danny MartinDanny Mark Burner Turnermark Laura Lozza B BrelsfordLaura Lyndsey Mcneill..... wahoo ooo!!! 💃💃

Sabrina Atkinson Emily Halsall Rachel Evers next weekend!!!!

Jack Craik Jessica Louise Haslam Ashley Tomlinson pack in I have goosebumps

Emily MacNeil Iona Macleod Becky Marrow yasss boisss 🤩😎

Jago Burkes Cam Bradley Ryan Halligan Kez Kinnear not long now boys

Katie Parker-Pants aaarrtgghhhhhhhhh

Angelika Seneld Niamh McIlroy almost time girls

Rhys Cohen u ready lad ? Haha

Jessica Albutt 😩😩😩😩

Megan Whittaker Emily Syers

Sophie Johnstone

Beth Kean

Aimee Barker🎬🎬🎬

Jamie Clemesha

Katie Yates Katè-Jo Griffiths Connor Sinnott

Max Collins

Richard Mussell

Chloe Panter


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2 days ago


5 days to go... #CreamfieldsIsComing

Final options remaining. Don't Miss Out.
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Bronzing it all the way from Friday

5 days 😲😭 Grant Faithfull

Darren Jones Jason Jones next year... 😫

Ellie Hulligan buzzing😍😍😍

Michelle Shinkfield Michelle Taylor 😢 this makes me sad xxx

Adah Ryan it’s not too late 😍😍

Brittany WiddisonRebecca White not long now girls!!!

One week today I'll be there only took 5 years to get there

5 days! Toni-Leigh Baird 😆

Matt Spindley go on 😉

Lee Done 5 days 😬

Jordan Neilson Shaun Copeland Ciaran Cavin 😎👌🏼

Amber Kennedy and Herbie Knighton Swift 😁 \o/

Chloe Laidlaw BUZZING💃🏻

🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺Michelle Saggers Jen Smith Jo Caroline

Christina Fontaine James Sanford Chris Dorney

Nathan McTiernan next year

Micky Clark 🕺🏼🕺🏼🕺🏼

Dean James Norbury omggggggg I can’t fucking waittttttt ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

David Seal can we go ????

Claire Gilby ☺️

Martin Campbell Chrissy Agnew Dee Calvert not long now cunts 😂

Shanice Murphy🤪🤪🤪

Mairi McWilliams 😭

Kristen Elder Jonny Grant Damien Spence

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