Creamfields news : Line up incoming

Latest Festival Flyer update from Creamfields

Set your alarms and get ready for the worlds biggest electronic line up coming 08:45 tomorrow morning! #Creamfields2018

Who’s excited?




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13 hours ago


Who was there to witness Jamie Jones B2B Green Velvet B2B Patrick Topping? ⚡️🙌

#Creamfields2020 on sale now!
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I've always thought that was what Creamfields was lacking, fantastic b2b's that most of the American dance festivals do as well as SW4 but this year with that b2b2b it was just what was needed. Well done Creamfields! More of the same in future years please. 👌A Camelphat x Solardo b2b2b2b wouldn't go amiss. 😗

KA Gonzalez Cualquiera de ellos 3 pa´l idisi !!!!!!

Toby Cole was way too fucked at this point😂😂😂😂

Chloe McCormack wud u go nxt year wonder how much tikets🍻🍻

Henry Yaman Etisoy how good was this

Megan Pickavance yli

Michael Bradley this gives me fucking goosebumps

Jack Pattinson as of we missed that

Ryan Hallett look how wonkey that floor looks 😭😭

Patrick Jennings Aaron Catterall another one we missed

Aron Humphreys

Ryan Turner we wasn't tripping it's actually on a slope

Scotty DP this was the b2b I was talking about the other night that I saw! :)

Daniel BolwellJamie Jones👀👀

Byron Stanesby the famous trio❤️ if only we were there

Megan Obrien I was there but can’t say I remember 😂

Joe Stephens now then

Bastien Christophe Clement 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Rhianne Hayes Kay Dickens wish I could fully remember this night 😂

Natalie Noble ッ Kathryn Daniels its on sale!!

Beth Marley unbelievable

Full techno next year me Aiden Rushton

See you soooooon 🤗🤗🤗🤗

Lauren Gaskell we were there 🤣🤣

Scott Johnston Anthony McDadd Emily Chapman one of the best sets I’ve seen 👌🔥

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2 days ago


Creamfields 2020 on sale now! Book today for only a £20 deposit 🎟️✅ ... See MoreSee Less

Creamfields 2020 on sale now! Book today for only a £20 deposit 🎟️✅


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Ola Momro Aga Agulka Murak Ewelina Bluma Gosia PakulskaGosia NO excuse!!!

Liam Ryan we doing creamfields

Marc Damman, Erica Corbijn.....gaan we???

Beth do we

Purdy Parker wanna go this year Saturday x

Rio Rodgers

Danielle Louise AHEMMMM

Announce prydz

Gold 4 day for meeeeeee

Holly Louise Mcaulay Robertson Skye Ross use should do this

Abby Gee silver 4 day ? Xxxxxxx

Rory Mcknight

Zoe Simpson shall we book on payday?

Sarah Allkins tempting

Jane MacFarlane Leighann Forrester

Emily Grinyer 🔥🔥🔥

Emily Wilson so tempting

Ant Doolan Rachel Lunt get your tickets the Saturday

Chelsea Lawrence

Sophie Graham

David Aubry regarde ils proposent même des crédits sur 6 mois 😂

Esther Vincent Matt Friis standard 3 day camping my Gs

Ben Poskitt Morgan Murton Morgan Sanderson Callum Duffy Liv Ternent Alex Martindale Taylor Bradshaw Bradley Ravenscroft

Vikki Wright

Ooh Dean Relf I’m a top fan 😂😂

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