Creamfields news : Just announced, Steel Yard London, Finsbury Park with Tiësto, Steve Angello, Fai…

Latest Festival Flyer update from Creamfields

Just announced, Steel Yard London, Finsbury Park with Tiësto, Steve Angello, Faithless dj set, plus special guests Tchami x Malaa No Redemption




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1 day ago


Which arena was your favourite? 🤔

#Creamfields2020 on sale now!
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Which arena was your favourite? 🤔

#Creamfields2020 on sale now!


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The steelyard obviously, techno temple

Courtyard definitely

Adam Silverfox Frost

Steel yard nothing but beats

Stealyard or should I say aircraft hanger 😯😯

Matias Robledo te acordás la q más t gustaba... La arena blanca .... O no Coco Geraci

Steel yard and silo because of the lights and lazers full circle instead of mainly front .amelie smashed it 👌

Courtyard! Bass was insane!

Tom Brown George Berry no brainer this. That steel yard 😍

Agreed Marc Beer court yard even if it was like an oven 😂😂😂

Steel yard ❤️


Steelyard and Pepsi Max

Mainstages, Steelyard. Didn't mind the Courtyard but with it being so hot it felt like you were in a Greenhouse.


Jessica McNulty all about the fairground rides

Matt Stapleton we on it

Steelyard, Arc, Pepsi Max, Silo and Courtyard! Tbf, they were all a bit awesome. 🙌


Steel Yard😎

All the above 🔥


Steel yard & the arc

Courtyard!!! Hardstyle all the way!

Can you change main stage layouts next year... new decade 2020

Just here to gloat my badge 👀😏

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2 days ago


Good times with BICEP! 💪 #TBT

Creamfields 2020 on sale now for only a £20 deposit & 6 monthly payments.
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Zoe Marshall we doing creamfields next year x

Victor Julien Julien bababa en live

Sharon Dutton ur choon

Christian Blaise Michael they fucking played it first song at cream that's why no one saw it :(((((


Phoebe Fitzpatrick roll on 2020

Charlie Sheil Rachel Wright Zoe Sherriff see you chaps in August 2020

Tom Murray me and Shannon right at the front, all to look forward too for you sen

Emma Atkin we better getting booking, all the raving in 2020 gal!! 🙌🏽

Bradlee Alcock we’re going xo

Sebastian Dziwir wczoraj Ci ten kawałek podesłałam 😏🤪🤪

Matt Howes in there somewhere pal 🤩🥳 only 10 months to go!! 😆😜xx

Ale bedzie sie dzialo

Jay Allen too many people top interested in their phones we would be in our element😎

Bryn Jones Cian Jones

Faye Owen imagine I was at the front of that😍

Id on the sing please?

Get Darren styles on the main stage! 👍👍

Leon DunnConor Johnson seeing bicep next year just for this song.

Absolute Tune. Probably my favourite of the last 10 years.

Rory Keylock got to see them next year at cream

Sam Licence think creams could possible be on the list next year too 🤩

Michelle Hughes 🎉🎉

Louie Jake lads we need to go cream next year

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