Creamfields news : deadmau5 Creamfields Friday Night Headliner

Latest Festival Flyer update from Creamfields

This year deadmau5 returns to #Creamfields2019 as our first Friday night headliner for a UK Festival exclusive! Who’s in?




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18 hours ago


The people of Creamfields 😌

#Creamfields2020 from as little as £8.58 a month!
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Lewis Jackson a wanna see a picture of me & you asleep on the floor 8am Sunday morning in puddles of sweat

What a weekend, insane weather this year too 👌

Stella Munthali can we!?

Chris Baker we booking yet? Keiran Singleton Luke Thompson

Eden Taylor-Sixsmith £8.58 a month?!

Alex Poole

Richard Bourke I’m still waiting for them to post the picture they took of you 😂

Ben Greensmith we going in 2020 then or what?!

Rachel Hicks Elise Marie Jackson Bethany Gray I’m already excited for next year to leave early again 😂😂😂😂

Josh Thomas

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2 days ago



Book your tickets now for just a £20 deposit
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I will do mine the same then just waiting to get me make up done now xxx

Pay me and yu can

Heidi Beck I'm on 2 this x

What tune is this

Thomas Glover what I'd do to go back😭

Can’t wait for this ,all over again Olivia Taylor Nathan George Hardacre Chris Walker

Shannen Leanne Corcoran

Gemma Bell

I'm on that x

Chris Brandon should I book us tickets?

Jake Mobley

Aidan Hall u comin next year then?

Paul Mandin

#excited 🤩🤩🤩

Georgia Lougher👀👀

Keith Murphy

Tom Dobrzynski

Sarah Cammock

Aimee LouRyan Leaver

Niall Highton

Lindsey Beck yay or nay

Jake Adams Rhys Smith Oliver Sighe

Jai Cartmell

Amy Tucks

Jodie Brown

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