#Creamfields2019 £20 is all it takes…...

Creamfields news : #Creamfields2019 £20 is all it takes……

Latest Festival Flyer update from Creamfields

#Creamfields2019 £20 is all it takes…

All 2, 3, and 4 day camping tickets are expected to sell out soon!




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3 hours ago


🔥- {no caption needed} Swedish House Mafia ...

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Best experience aswell as most dissapointing! Late starting & early finish.. 🙄The inbetween was awesome 😍

Didn't those flames set you guys back a fortune... I heard they ruined the led screens 😬🤒😂😂

Best thing I’ve ever witnessed in my whole 26 years

😂😂the famous pyrotechnics that nearly ruined the whole thing 😂😂😂😂have they even done a live show since ??😂😂😂

Creamfields: "how much fire do you want in your set?" SHM: "yes"

That 4.4m € drop... The mafia never disappoint🖤🔥

Fucking release this set already 😍 also Chemical brothers

I left to go see tiesto and i regret nothing 😂🤫

Release full set in YOUTUBE Channel 😭😭😭

Izaak Darvill we were here! Yes

Release the full set !

Can still feel the burn 🔥 😂

Screens and crowd roasted

What a fucking joke that was 🙄

I was there Josh, the heat off the flame blasts was unbelievable 🔥🔥🔥

I’d do anything to be at creamfields right now Morgan Buchanan

Ed Smith at this point theres no way I'm not going g creamfields next year

Release this set

Melissa Ball hope we are back to normal for creamfields!

Brows still singed from this Kris Dempsey gave Craig a wee heat though 🛏

Stacey Maria highlight of last year! Xx

Luke Lane take us back! 😭

Anth Riley Ash Frasca Daniel Clegg think the best part of that was getting a tan off the flames

Rumour has it your face is still burning from this? Matt Heath

Joe Constantine What song was Joey Riot dropping at this point

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6 hours ago


Throwback to this MASSIVE moment when Hardwell played Levels the last time he played at #Creamfields ...

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Bring on This years Festival I'm hoping it still goes Ahead but I'm sure The Virus will be over by then. So it should still happened as planned.

This is making me depressed 😭 not knowing if it will go ahead this year or not 😭🙈

Since #Hardwell retired the festivals aren’t the same anymore ...

He needs to come again 😪😪

Big Room or go home 😎🤜🏻

Ellie Stockton our favourite ever Hardwell 😭😭 cream won’t be the same without him anymore

Oh my I remember this well 🤩🤟

Amy Bryan Jessica Arnold I cant cope with all these reminders 😭😭❤️

Ciaran Birney Some good memories attached to that tune!

Can’t wait to be back In this dirty field Bethany Lee

need the king back

Joe Kirk Lewis Donatello Nichols Donna Balbini good times

If only he was coming this year Curtis Fletcher

Jacob Marshal Josh Watson Why wasn’t he there last year?

Emma Cunningham he needs to go this year

We near that Spain flag Mark Hendry

Josie Lee Scott Saffron Gilley nah this has made me so depressed

Becky Keating Lacey Keating we were there at this!!☹️

Steff Raichura this was banging

Lloyd Marriott

Joe Howard

Nicole Parsons

Mikey Lattaway bring it on lad

Holly May Christie WE HAVE TO GO!

Sam Ashton

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1 day ago


Heavy hitters Pan-Pot bringing the heat to the Steel Yard at #Creamfields2019 ...

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what a set!!!!!

Anyone know this tune?

Kevin Östfeldt if it’s on this year you have to fly out and come

Luke Wilson-JonesBrad Wales We love abit of Pan Pot

Aidan Rapley start saving for next year

321 oggys going west Josh Marsden Connor Ubermanowicz Dom Mellor

Callum Boakes what would ya do to be stood with 2 double v red bulls again

Jason Allan

Meghan Whitfield

Twm Lee Jones

Kieran Lyne

James StauntonAndrew Alan Polkey oh you be able to go see a bit of 🌱 🏺...

Áine McNamee

Bethany Hartley'New

Jack Edmunds up the pan pot

Wayne Foy

Brian Chisholm

Rhys Evans Tyler Jones good old pan pot

Kristen Byrne Eric Hawkins remember this

Connor OSullivan

Soph Stephenson Georgia Graves Maddy Wills-Gray we don’t talk about this set 🤭

Aimee Beagrie

Adam Barbour

Alfie Hool

Alexander Costello

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1 day ago


One of many of our best moments from #Creamfields2019 with Calvin Harris! What were yours? 🎆 ...

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Is the full set of this somewhere to watch?!? What an unbelievable night that was😭❤️

Absolutely amazing set was right at the front with my brother Patrick Senior 👍🙌🙌🔥🔥

Awesome night. Shame they turned the taps off but which isn't ideal when you haven't slept since Thursday. But we cant have it all🤷‍♂️

Praying this years still on... First time going.. So I will cry if its cancelled 🙈🙈😭x

Probably one of the best all weekend, bring on this year

En Buenos Aires te vi calvin harris.. Como no recordarlo ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ain’t no festivals happening this year

Think this was my favourite as well

I was there best time of my life , see you in August

Sarah Tumelty Charly BingleZach O'Shea unfucking real I miss this so much can’t even re live my video because I don’t have that phone so this got me so hyped👊🏼👊🏼 need to go back after this Covid-19 has ran its time !!!!

Beyer Cirez D was high light of mine 😍

Ready for the weekend.

Is there a complete set? Someone to pass it to me to listen to it😔

Upload the full set big man

Ashleigh Heywood skip to 44 seconds in, hope I'm this lost when were there hahaha 5 more month to go!

James Mcbain ‘I LOVE YOU CALVIN’ 😂😭

Matt Daniells how it felt on Sunday evenings in second year, a bottle of wine down each, big speakers on whilst cleaning

Turn the speakers up

Keeping the faith for this one Leila Stanton 🙌🏼

Angel Evans we’ll have too book something for next year 🕺🏻

Sam Lance Adam Stride Ben Bertram best festival ever!!!

No big fan but that was good

Hope were in the fields this year Amy Collett

Zoe Larner love him 😣

Matthew Watson crying if this is cancelled

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