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Creamfields news : 3 Days To Go

Latest Festival Flyer update from Creamfields

Line up Incoming #3DaysToGo #Creamfields2018




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17 hours ago


Joseph Capriati really knows how to party! ...

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Loved to be there right now

Track ID?

Leyla Kris this is vibes for august

James Morgan

Lauren Jones

Daniel Rudd

Gregory Minter

Sean Webb boss

Lewis Sams

Christy Louise Holden

Isis Holborough

Ben O'Shea Dale Murphy

Laura Whalley

Marzena Grabiec, Julia Krzywak, Maria Wojda oby się udało 😇

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19 hours ago


🔥- {no caption needed} Swedish House Mafia ...

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Ngl worst decision creams has ever made bringing those has beens over. Took a whole day to set up whilst the likes of Fisher etc were stuffed into a tiny indoor stage. SHM came on late, ended early, had no new material of note and damaged the stage. Should have put Sonny Fodera on in SHM'S place.

Best experience aswell as most dissapointing! Late starting & early finish.. 🙄The inbetween was awesome 😍

Didn't those flames set you guys back a fortune... I heard they ruined the led screens 😬🤒😂😂

This was the best part of the whole set.... If you werent at the front, then you couldnt see a damn thing... But this was definitely the highlight of the day... Never seen anything like that before... Was definitely amazing...

So there’s a full unreleased HD set from SHM? 🧐

I might have been there!!! 🔥🔥🔥⚫⚫⚫

Creamfields: "how much fire do you want in your set?" SHM: "yes"

First half of the set was all over the place, almost left to go to Tiesto , glad I stuck it out for the second half though. 😊

Is this when the SFX team set fire to the stage? Imagine been the muppet that signed that off..... well done 😂😂😂😂

I left to go see tiesto and i regret nothing 😂🤫

Best thing I’ve ever witnessed in my whole 26 years

Brings it all back, amazing memories, can still feel that fire now 🔥🔥🔥●●●😍

We need the whole set!! Need to relive this moment 🔥🔥🔥

Front row right in the middle. Epic

Sadly Creamfields will never be able to top this moment, I don’t think I be going back.

I can feel the heat 🔥 off those Flames 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

Release full set in YOUTUBE Channel 😭😭😭

Release this set

Can still feel the burn 🔥 😂

There's no antidote! 💥💉

Screens and crowd roasted

What a fucking joke that was 🙄

PLEASE get the rights to share that whole set 😭😭

I was there Josh, the heat off the flame blasts was unbelievable 🔥🔥🔥

Izaak Darvill we were here! Yes

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22 hours ago


Throwback to this MASSIVE moment when Hardwell played Levels the last time he played at #Creamfields ...

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Bring on This years Festival I'm hoping it still goes Ahead but I'm sure The Virus will be over by then. So it should still happened as planned.

This is making me depressed 😭 not knowing if it will go ahead this year or not 😭🙈

Since #Hardwell retired the festivals aren’t the same anymore ...

He needs to come again 😪😪

Newton we were there right in front of the stage 🤩🤩🤩🌟🌟❤️⚡️⚡️

Big Room or go home 😎🤜🏻

Jake Bennett this makes me way too excited

need the king back

Craig Langley was this the last time you were allowed to show up?

Massive moment - hardwell + levels!!!! Arielle Jacobs

If only he was coming this year Curtis Fletcher

Hayden Badaro what a set that was!

Can’t wait to be back In this dirty field Bethany Lee

Jacob Marshal Josh Watson Why wasn’t he there last year?

We near that Spain flag Mark Hendry

Gemmaa Coulson

Danny Orme

Luke Warner

Dan Laffin

Denny Lightfoot

Sean Keyes massive set

Abigail McGill

Rasmus Petersen

Matt Ruddick

Marco Della-Ventura Richard Price Brooke Kingham Kirsten Gordon 2018 was THE YEAR

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2 days ago


Heavy hitters Pan-Pot bringing the heat to the Steel Yard at #Creamfields2019 ...

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what a set!!!!!

Caolan Kehoe everyone fell apart during these 😂😂😂

Anyone know this tune?

Kevin Östfeldt if it’s on this year you have to fly out and come

Luke Wilson-JonesBrad Wales We love abit of Pan Pot

Aidan Rapley start saving for next year

321 oggys going west Josh Marsden Connor Ubermanowicz Dom Mellor

Callum Boakes what would ya do to be stood with 2 double v red bulls again

Jason Allan

Meghan Whitfield

Twm Lee Jones

Kieran Lyne

Áine McNamee

James StauntonAndrew Alan Polkey oh you be able to go see a bit of 🌱 🏺...

Bethany Hartley'New

Jack Edmunds up the pan pot

Wayne Foy

Brian Chisholm

Rhys Evans Tyler Jones good old pan pot

Kristen Byrne Eric Hawkins remember this

Connor OSullivan

Aimee Beagrie

Soph Stephenson Georgia Graves Maddy Wills-Gray we don’t talk about this set 🤭

Adam Barbour

Alfie Hool

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24 thoughts on “Creamfields news : 3 Days To Go

  1. More trance on the Saturday please till 4am!!! That’s what’s lacking every year! Would probably pull a few more punters if they had an fsoe tent on the Saturday till early hours. Or maybe asot Saturday

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