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Creamfields news : 2017 Aftermovie Tease

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Creamfields news : 2017 Aftermovie Tease

2017 Aftermovie Tease

Latest Festival Flyer update from Creamfields

Next week is after movie week!

Our plans for #Creamfields21 are hotting up … never happy to rest on our laurels we’re busy working to deliver the best Creamfields yet but if you want to secure a ticket at 2017 prices you’ll need to get a move on.




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17 hours ago


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what a great picture , VOID VOID VOID !!

Announce 9 part scheme 😂

3 day silver come at me 💃👌 can't wait!

I.m in

4 day gold already got 😁😁😁😁

Announce Armin and I'll buy...

Missed it 😢

3 day silver solo 👌 tell me where the freaks at? 🙌👋

Matthäus, every time I see Creamfields posts I get so fricken excited!!!! 😎🙌🏻

Shannon Goff Joe Barber get your tickets asap cos they will go up in price and will be more each month the longer u leave it

4 day gold here we gaooooooo🙌🏻

Caitlin Wolff

Lauren O'connor

Mathew White missed it

Oh no Holliewood Hughes

full payment amdani felly Lowri WN 🥺😂

Joanna Ska lucky we got ours

Joanna Louise Norbury guess we’re paying in full 😖

Leah Duddy

Brian Patterson

Liam Thomas Boase did you get your tickets?!

Brad Elliott

Molly Whitehead fuming now said we should’ve got it 😂

Laura Bokmane too late for some

Emma Moffat

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2 days ago


The very first #creamfields 10 part deposit scheme ends in 24 hours

Tickets are available from £5 per month
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The very first #Creamfields 10 part deposit scheme ends in 24 hours

Tickets are available from £5 per month

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Book now for just £20 deposit - creamfields.com/tickets

That’s what I got last night and this morning...? Will I still be able to book them soon? 😁

Creamfields When do the pre pitch and dreamfields accomadation go on sale? Thanks

I panic bought mine yesterday because it was ending today now it's another 24hrs?!?

Can anyone tell me what’s the latest time you have to be in by on the Thursday? Creamfields

What time does the 10 part deposit scheme end?

creamfields who told you event will be Happen -Who😂😂😂

Creamfields I already bought the original deposit deal at around 45 a month for silver will that just continue to come out of my account as normal ?

It’s not working

Creamfields when do the next lot of tickets go on sale?

Should be free

Claire Eliz A Beth Marsha Emery 🤔🤔🤔💜😜

Ash Stock

Deni Neill

Shane Doyle

Lee Carlisle

Liam Anscombe

Danny Page

Abi-Latino Hyndman Talya Hudson Chloe Spencer this monthly thing is only temporary

David Dixon-King

Bryony Williams we need to book ASAP!! 😍😍

Josh Collins

Taylor Wickens

Dominic Hayes

Aaron Robinson shall we do creamfields next year too 🤔🤔

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3 days ago


#Creamfields2021 initial 10 Part Deposit Scheme ends this Tuesday!

Monthly payments from £5 – Creamfields.com/tickets
... See MoreSee Less

#Creamfields2021 initial 10 Part Deposit Scheme ends this Tuesday!
Monthly payments from £5 – Creamfields.com/tickets

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What are the benefits of getting a gold day ticket compared to a normal day ticket?

What the difference between gold day ticket to normal day ticket

Creamfields when is Dreamfields on sale?

How do I set up the monthly pay? Go through all the avenues to be told o need to pay all Of it up front?? Anyone help please

Why can’t I purchase Friday tickets. Website not working very well

When's the next lot of tickets go on sale?

Have yeeee!!!

Rebecca Louise Griffin

Marissa Lewins should we do this tomorrow x

Kelsey Gill

Liam Anscombe

Edgars Ezeriņš

Rachel Clorley

Jim Anderson

Ashley Tickhill

Sarah Belfield can we pleaseeeeeee

Shannon Brown

Jack Green still keen for next year?

Jarid Hutton

David Dixon-King

Sophie Tate

Stacey Mccabe

Nim Wright

Joe Jenkinson

Amy Anderson only got til tomorrow to decide haha x

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4 days ago


The most affordable Creamfields EVER!

Limited 10 part deposit scheme on sale now from just £5 per month
... See MoreSee Less

The most affordable Creamfields EVER! 

Limited 10 part deposit scheme on sale now from just £5 per month

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Can someone from your service team please get in touch. I’ve been trying to cancel tickets for a while now but having no luck.

My birthday on the 29th of August sorted out will probably donate the other ticket into charity raffle ✔️👐

My deposits down can't wait as never been before x

Stephen Walsh we goin

I am going to this 2 see if any good 😀

Shannon Corrigan

Coral ColeEwan GrayAshley SymeCharylea Mason

Rebecca Cargill

John Larkin you booking ??? If so I will

Josie Chidzoy

Rachel Brogan

Jordan Helen Wassell

Kaitlin Dodds

Kiera Burns

Michaela Allen

Keelan Gillen

Aleksandra Bartol

Jacob Scott

Let's do this brother #booknow

Shelby Davidson

Carly Thomas

Chloe Farrell

Oliver Meadowcroft

Andy Brookes


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5 days ago


#Creamfields2021 phase one line up is here!

Limited 10 part deposit tickets available from £5 per month - creamfields.com/tickets
... See MoreSee Less

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How is this gonna work? Is there a limited amount of tickets you’re going to sell. Is there a limited capacity because imagine trying to find a tent space with even more people 😂

When is dreamfields being announced? Don’t wanna miss out and wait too long to get tickets!

Pretty pish so far bar a few

what music is that??🔥🔥🔥 Names pls!!

What a tune. Adana Twins - Origo

Laidback Luke 🔥🔥🔥

AlexWilliamLukeDanLukeJakeJason instead of tour!??😅🤔

Fin Marshall Cole Barlow fancy this next year?

Summer Morgan Chloe Hodgson Shona Elizabeth Kim Mcgregor 💃🏼

Conor Lay on the list

Sean McArdle

Ashleigh Kellas

Carl Owen

Gordon McIntyre

Demmi Pinfield buzzzzzin

Richard Allen

Danielle Greenough

Aoife Connor

David Dixon-King

Shannon Campbell

Erin Erving

Paul Johnston

Josh Lewis

Courtney Lee

Emma Kelly wot I was talking bout

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25 Responses

  1. Nia Orea says:

    See you there <3

  2. Anonymous says:

    2017 after movie is out next week.. ( Troy Weaver will you make the final movie cut 😂) Aaron Moyse Sam Mendes

  3. Anonymous says:

    Liam O’Dwyer we better make an appearance this time

  4. Anonymous says:

    Lee Dickson if me n u ur in this all piss

  5. Anonymous says:

    Gabby ReaShannon Hellens can’t wait for this year man 🤗😝😝😝

  6. Anonymous says:

    Tanya Nuthall 😁 can’t wait to see xx

  7. Anonymous says:

    Kiefer Leigh Next week! Get ready yay

  8. Anonymous says:

    Jessica Anne Moody Rochelle Marie Aleasha Cowan Georgia Foster 🎶🎶🎶

  9. Anonymous says:

    Next weeeeeekkkkLucy Banks

  10. Anonymous says:

    Summer Gomersal you ready for this 😍😁🙌🏻🔥

  11. Anonymous says:

    All booked! 4 day gold camping Ffion Jones 🎉🍻🎉🍻🎉

  12. Anonymous says:

    Vanessa Michel This would be my dream show to go to. And its always around my bday…..!!!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Above and beyond and Prydz with main stage sets would be awesome.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Jack Kempson Jade Moores Jazzminn Ian Snape Dana Groom Angelika Pelka Dan Taylor

  15. Anonymous says:

    Steph Garlick hope they get u crying @ garrix 😂😂

  16. Anonymous says:

    Megan Pope next week after movie 🙌🏼

  17. Anonymous says:

    Emma Gillam Matt James Sleigh Heather Turnbull Charlotte Allen Kim Peake Jake Allen Dylan Miller Andrew Tutinn Hannah Mason

  18. Anonymous says:

    Ben Singh 😁

  19. Anonymous says:

    Mark Forrer – might see some more of our shots in this one

  20. Anonymous says:

    Jess Bray shell we go for the day this year let’s get booked x

  21. Anonymous says:

    Laura Coupland imagine if we’re on it from fat boy slim

  22. Anonymous says:

    Maya Kirtley did our awkwardness make it

  23. Anonymous says:

    Nice 4 day gold camping lads can’t wait! Matty Riley Jamie Chapman Dan Williams

  24. Anonymous says:

    Christina Trüeb Ella Shorrock I better be on this after all my efforts chasing the man hahahah jokes jokes

  25. Anonymous says:

    Zoé McGibbon

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