Creamfields news : £20 deposit scheme

Latest Festival Flyer update from Creamfields

#Creamfields21 is on track to beat all records as the fastest selling yet – even faster than last year’s sell out!

You can secure a ticket now for just £20 and still pay 2017 prices




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17 hours ago


Good times with BICEP! 💪 #TBT

Creamfields 2020 on sale now for only a £20 deposit & 6 monthly payments.
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Zoe Marshall we doing creamfields next year x

Victor Julien Julien bababa en live

Sharon Dutton ur choon

Christian Blaise Michael they fucking played it first song at cream that's why no one saw it :(((((

Phoebe Fitzpatrick roll on 2020

Charlie Sheil Rachel Wright Zoe Sherriff see you chaps in August 2020

Tom Murray me and Shannon right at the front, all to look forward too for you sen

Powers quadruped

Emma Atkin we better getting booking, all the raving in 2020 gal!! 🙌🏽

Bradlee Alcock we’re going xo

Aaron Powell should come with me lad x

Sebastian Dziwir wczoraj Ci ten kawałek podesłałam 😏🤪🤪

Darren Clarke this was so sick live

Ale bedzie sie dzialo

Jay Allen too many people top interested in their phones we would be in our element😎

Bryn Jones Cian Jones

Jayden on sale now....

Id on the sing please?

Chris Smith what a set was about crying 😂

Leon DunnConor Johnson seeing bicep next year just for this song.

Absolute Tune. Probably my favourite of the last 10 years.

Grant Radcliffe good time with sidestep

Sam Licence think creams could possible be on the list next year too 🤩

Michelle Hughes 🎉🎉

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2 days ago


#Creamfields2020 is what August bank holiday is all about 🙌🎉

Book now for just a £20 deposit
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#Creamfields2020 is what August bank holiday is all about 🙌🎉

Book now for just a £20 deposit


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Lisa Walsh Ellie Solomon Saoirse Walsh can we go

Dan Berry your twin made it on here😂

Mark Cooper hurry up

Charlotte Bell???

Matthew Bentley Fruzsina Racz Danny Somner Edmund McAleenan Nana Kofi Kingston Sakyi Dawson New Carl Davies Liam Carter Robin Grayson Sean Whiting James Wilkinson Jaime Quinsey 🥳🥳🥳 you know it


Miley Knight Second time appearing in the Creamfields Photos in the space of a week baby! 🔥😘

Alex Rae Nicklin Andy Bentley ready for a fourth year On the go ?

Kelly Poulter Shann Heise the best bank holiday 🎉🎉🎉

Ryan Murph just here to show off my top fan badge

Tasha Ellis top right 😂

Which one you in?

Adam Opie

Leah Gaynor 🎉

What we saying then boys Jordan Lumb Danny Boswell Luke Andrews Dylan Kelly

Nueng Saengkaew

Jordan Jones Ryan Jones Liam McCrellis James Bailey Sam Hughes who’s that sexy bastard in the gold?

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