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OK LISTEN UP. Time for an enormous SHOUT OUT to everyone involved in the Opening Party. It was the biggest bravest challenge yet and I needed the Dream Team to help realise the crazy ideas I sometimes have. You guys did it though with bells on and you should be mega proud of yourselves. The only thing I regret is a team photo, so the ones below will have to do. Thanks Alexander Brattell for capturing it so well. I have to start with Caleb Madden who I can’t find on Facebook coz he’s too cool for that and hence such a cool co-curator to work with and one talented performer himself! Can’t wait to work with you again. Zoe Ashdown you are the best No2 there is. Big thanks to Jess Keats and Anna Winter for being stars, so efficient, so reliable and so much fun to work with. Cath Tajima-Powell you are the perfect front woman and totally committed throughout, couldn’t do it without you. Connie, Anna and Poppy were brill. Will Kemp I can’t remember your pen name on fb but my goodness you’ve taken CC involvement in your stride! All the sound techs were just magical with the way they allowed me to transform St Mary in the Castle into the perfect experimental sound art space. IT WAS LOUD. Undeniably crazily loud. BUT beautifully balanced harmoniously intriguing ear enchantment. That’s a hard one to pull of if anyone knows that venue and by jeez they did it. Ewa Justka at the end blew me away. Audrey Chen and Richard Scott, Chris the DJ/Squid, Barefoot Opera that was one mega talented voice! Non-Blank you are always amazing and I look forward to more Riz Maslen and Oliver Cherer Darren Morris in the Festival. Yumino Seki this is becoming a regular thing with you wowing the crowds! Drew Droobie Copus for my street logo. Julia for the delicious cake. Charlie Abrahams and Sean Berkeley you rock as a venue and listen to me rant for six months about my mad ideas. Thanks everyone, it was really the best one yet! Oh and please tag anyone I haven’t here as it took so many talented people or add anyone I have forgotten in my sleep deprived state. Much love, let’s start planning next year! Tx

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