Latest update from Coastal Currents Love this Stewart Morris Yumino Seki Zoe Ashdown Audrey Chen Richard Scott St Mary in the Castle The Printworks Hastings Peter Quinnell Charlie Abrahams Jess Keats Mag Kemp Chris Sav Bjorn Hatleskog Hunt Darton Hunt & Darton Cafe Riz Maslen Oliver Cherer Darren Morris Jack Hayter Kayne LoftCoastal Currents 2017 – Launch Party – Beatnik Vlog. Statis heads down to hastings for the launch of the Coastal Currents Art Festival where he is set to DJ …

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  1. Wicked video!! Made me laugh at the start thinking about the sleepless night you guys had before.. had a vision of Stewart pouring bubble mix in a bottle in a delirious state when I got there in the morning, while we battled with that rediculous printer haha!….all worth it in the end.. so good to see Yumino Seki and Caleb Madden’s performance as I missed that! looked great!

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