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This is an amazing opportunity to see this piece by the contemporary and exploratory La Verita dance company for free. Curriculum Vitae explores the realities of leaving a homeland, bringing up questions of identity, expectations and responsibility. LA VERITA present CURRICULUM VITAE – In real time

La Verita is a contemporary Belgian dance company that explores and expands current dance language and performance. Incorporating current issues with extremes in dance movement, La Verita takes the audience on a mesmerising and exhilarating journey.

This is a piece coming out of today’s reality. Curriculum Vitae traces the journey of a group of people who have to leave, or choose to leave their own country, for whatever reason.

Moving from one country to another can change a life, and essentially, change a person. Sacrifice is a necessary evil. Is that something of yourself that existed or rather a feeling that was hidden deep inside of you? Denial comes first, then follow contrasts and false expectations.

You arrived… and now what? An unreal scenery, the new place is like all other places. Taking this decision for your own self, guilt is an inevitable companion along the way. What are the repercussions on the environment left behind? Is that a betrayal to the previous life?

In 2015 LA VERITA was awarded the first prize in the competition ‘Lendemains qui dansent’ competition and have performed as far afield as South Korea, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Israel, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Greece and Cyprus.

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