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We’re busy busy busy making plans for CarFest 2019 and we need you! Our Big Early was such a hit this year that it will be back for 2019, and we want to know what you’d like to see there…click on the link to take part in our Facebook poll!

POLL: The Big Early

We’re busy busy busy making plans for CarFest 2019 and we need you! Our Big Early was such a hit this year that it will be back for 2019, and we want to know what you’d like to see there…

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Our CarFest 2018 Official Aftermovie is now live! Give it a watch to relive all the highlights from another fantastic year of cars, music and fun for all the family 😃

For more exciting videos of all the action across both CarFest North and CarFest South, click the link below and subscribe to our CarFest YouTube channel:

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Best times Caroline Bayfield Royston Bayfield Andy Sowerby Michelle Connolly

Tina Willis , Mill on it 16 secs in

Yeah Samba Espirito bringing the Carnival to the parade 🥁🥁🥁

Carfest is brilliant but the north needs some better bands x the south always gets them x just my opinion

Karen Foy get David Simpson to watch this. Honestly reckon it's a festival hr would enjoy.

Woohoo Stephen Dickinson Karen Dickinson we made the cut!! Nice smile to camera lady 🙆🏻‍♀️🧡💛💚🖤

You didn’t show any of the rainy day video footage!

Roll on next year 😍

Nicola Hector Brenda Hector kids are on car fest YouTube!! 🚗 A x

Oh we are in it!!

Matthew WayPolly WayCarolann AllanNeil HallsChRis Allan

Grant x

Richard Martin

0.47 Dean Barton Becky Allen

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  • A timetable would be so helpful. We were in the caravan field and had no idea what time things were on or whether we’d missed it. It’s a long way to go with kids if you’ve missed everything. None of the stewards had any information.

  • The big early was a waste of money. We had a better pitch every other time we’d been. So much of the camping area had been fenced off. As we’d paid to get in early, we should have been able to pitch anywhere. Total rip off I think.

  • I agree u shouldn’t restrict pitches on big early…..

  • On top of the price of the weekend tickets and motorhome pitch, it just wasn’t a viable financial option. As it was, we got there early on the first ‘proper’ morning and got a great spot, so no regrets!

  • Agree, paid extra for the furthest pitch from the facilities. Should be the other way round.

  • And while I’m moaning…. The windbreak police were just unbearable on the Thursday, they have clearly never been camping! By Friday morning they had of course given up on that campaign! Just leave folk to be sensible about it and 95% of them will be. Still looking forward to next time though, a great weekend overall 😀😀

  • We loved it. Can you make sure the Scouts are there again next year x

  • We loved it. It meant no 4am start, a more relaxed day and we had a huge choice of pitches. I understood that some areas had to be fenced off as otherwise those arriving on the following morning would have to search for gaps!

  • Weekend was fantastic but big early was a bit of a rip off tbh, paid extra to be on top of each other when those coming in on the Fri and so much more room. If you pay extra you expect to have some kind of benefit over those coming in later and how about some entertainment for the big early too

  • It needs marshalling. 4pm needs to mean 4pm in terms of gate opening. We arrived on site at CFN for 4pm and 2/3 of the pitches had gone. Tents up and everyone sat comfy while we battled for the tiny space left available. We were so crammed in.
    Marshall it so the tents fill from the back to the front and do not just occupy the edges of the fire lanes.
    Publish any rules nice and early please.

  • we had a great time, but at 4.20 when we arrived, the field was already full, and we struggled to find a pitch at all. evidwntly thebfield had openwd at around3pm. of wed known we would have arrived earlier. surely having paid all rhe money to arrive early, we should have been able to choose our pitch rather than being in tears with all our stuff and our kids, unable to find anywhere for our tent. by 5pm another field has been opened. why wasnt this opened initially. activities and the donuts were great though, and once we’d finally stopped walking aroumd the field trying to find a spot we could shoehorn our tent into, we has a great time, and avoided the 4am start on friday.

  • More shelter/canopys etc especially near the main stage in case of downpours again 😫

  • It was good to be set up on the thurs and not so tired on the Fri from getting up so early but agreed more of the site needs to be open to pitch tents it was nearly all taken and we struggled to all set up together.

  • I agree with a lot of these comments, our friends were through the gate at 4.10 and there were already loss of tents up, so full in fact they had to open fields. We were later than planned arriving, and really didn’t feel like cooking but the food choices were rubbish, that should be addressed. We’ll definitely book again though as it was nice to have a relaxed Friday.

  • Would not pay for The Big Early again, pitch area restricted but no marshals – someone ended up camping literally on top of us so we had to weave through their porch to get out of our tent, no bar, very limited food choices in the evening and had to pitch away from all the facilities. We love Carfest but were disappointed with the lacklustre Big Early.

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