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Our 30 Week Payment Plan ends next Wednesday so make sure to book now and split the total cost of your tickets over 30 equal payments*! And, if you book before Monday you’ll also receive our Camp Bestival Xmas Stocking-Filler pack in the post before the big day!

*Plus initial deposit & booking fees paid with first instalment.

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4 weeks ago

Camp Bestival

We all love camping at Camp Bestival HQ and know you do too, but what we’d like to know is how long your ideal family camping trip would be.

If we opened the gates to Camp Bestival 2019 on the Monday would you be up for an extra 3 days of camping, fun and games before Camp Bestival started?
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Until I get my Day tickets refunded I (and many others) will not even be thinking about going to any future Camp Bestival event. Its been 2 months now and you still have our money - forget giving us the usual excuses about "talking to your insurance company" - do the right thing and refund YOUR customers. You have lost so much PR over the disastrous way you have handled this - it will take a long time to earn peoples trust again.

We've been going since 2007 as a family, last year was the least enjoyed by all, this was not because of the weather, 2017 we endured the constant rain and still had a great time. 2018 felt disorganised from the moment we arrived and parked our car. The security and wrist band collection was farcical at the entrance gate. Normally some is selling programmes on entry no one was there. The toilets throughout site where unattended - no loo roll or hand sanitizer. Men's urinal were overflowing. Camping plus gate was moved to the furthest point of site making a longer walk. Most of the changes made to site didn't make the site easy to navigate. We love camp bestival we've made some lovely memories over the years but feel 2018 may have been our last.

If this happens I'll want my money back as pitches in general camping will be taken up before we can arrive. You can't suggest something like this after already going on sale. For 2020 maybe but if so this will be our 6th and last.

In theory this is great, but, you couldn't accommodate us for the 4 days with the showers and toilets you had, and the ones you did have we're SHOCKING by the Saturday so how would they be from Monday to Monday 😲 Would there be ANY entertainment? I know it doesn't have to be live music but a tent with a bit of music and a bar and some food stalls would be good, maybe kids stuff in the tent during the day? Maybe a tent that did arts and crafts as well? Would also be great if you could have the Hotpoint launderette there all week as well! Our school breaks up the Friday before timing is good for us but I know many don't break up til the 23rd. Maybe do it from the Tuesday to give parents that extra day to pack and leave school, can you imagine picking the kids up from school with the whole car packed and telling them we're going to Camp Bestival early!!! Edit: bad downside is that all the good spaces will be taken up before the weekenders arrived as well!

We’ve been 6 years running and sadly won’t be back. Waiting for refund for this year- no updates and it’s dragging on. Decline in toilets and showers this year, expensive kids rides etc. Glastonbury is a much better deal if we’re lucky enough to get tickets

No. My friends and I work in education and wouldn't get the time off. My daughter will still be in school. We have already started paying for our tickets and would have given more consideration to coming if we thought there was a chance we wouldn't get a decent pitch. There weren't enough facilities in the actual camping areas as it was this year. To suggest this after tickets have gone on sale really sounds like a money making exercise - a double smack in the face for those still waiting for refunds but who have shown good faith by already purchasing next year's tickets.

Not at all. We lost our entire camping gear amounting to £800 this year due to the storm. Weather not Bestival's fault but the lack of support during this time was so very disappointing. Kept us waiting until 1pm with no shelter or refreshments? Still no word of refund. The state of the toilets all weekend was disgusting and by the time the storm arrived they were utterly disgraceful. Such a shame because we'd had a brilliant time until then.

Agree. I would keep your mouth shut about selling more tickets when thousands are still out of pocket. Picniq have paid their refunds out. Why haven't you?

I don't think the average family would be able to afford food for that much longer or take enough with them

Refunds for what?!! Camp Bestival don’t control the weather. We attended for the whole weekend and felt disappointed that the last day didn’t go ahead but we’re certainly not expecting any refunds.

No thanks as you’ve still not given any refunds despite the festival being two months ago 😡 we don’t really care about your insurance, you should pay us back from your own money and then get the insurance!!!!! Not good and contemplating coming back at all

Camp Bestival 2019 can you confirm what is going on with the news that you and Bestival have been put into administration by debt managers, as is reported in the Sunday Times! What will the consequence be for those of us that have already paid for 2019 tickets ?

Please, please, please can we have Bears posh toilets again next year? The ‘VIP’ ones this year were awful!!! Not worth the money at all.

In theory this is a super idea. But my children do not break up from School until the Wednesday so we wouldn’t be able to make it. I think I would be worried about the state of the toilets and the shower facilities. It seemed like they couldn’t cope with demand for the 3 days we were there last year, let alone a week. I would also be worried about what type of pitches that would be available if we couldn’t get to you until Wednesday evening Thursday morning. I would also worry about the question in and out of the site when trying to get anywhere. Just some thoughts from my family. Keep sharing thoughts and ideas as it’s great as a customer to feel involved in the process. Xx

Couldn’t lug enough food and stuff there! Might come a day earlier but that would be about it. Will save our longer camping trips for when we can park next to the tent and restock supplies with trips to the supermarket!

No because the schools don’t break up in time and because the cost of food for all that extra time would be horrendous. There is no way you could manage to keep stuff cold long enough even to make a sandwich by the time CB started! Keep it as it is camp bestival but fix the problems first and make it better! I want to come back but I’m not convinced

No. You couldn't provide adequate shower and toilet facilities for the standard four days let alone more. Work on improving your current offer first.

Yep would camp there all year round if we could 🙂 might need to go with our boys plan for dealing with the weather though.

Most schools finish the day before camp bestival starts. Also hoping for more and better toilets and showers in camping plus next year.

No, we won't be returning to Camp Bestival next year, still waiting for the refund and the facilities were dreadful for a family fest.

No, our school doesn’t break up until the Wednesday and there are much nicer campsites to camp in near the coast. Festival camping isn’t the nicest, family friendly way to camp even if the festival is!

I don't think so! Most schools have only finished the day before. We love camping but doing Thursday-Monday with no running water, washing up and electric like a normal camp site is enough for us!

Camp Bestival can I ask how this would work for those of us that Camp in Accessible Camping? It’s already such a squeeze on there and getting there as early as possible on the Thursday is key to getting a spot with friends!

Nice idea in theory, bit a big no for so many reasons, the main one being fairness for those who can't get to CB until Thursday and all the good spots/parking already taken! also upkeep of loos etc..if there is any bad weather the mud too....

Our school doesn't usually break up until the Tuesday or Wednesday, so it would have to be a no from us. Also, there's the consideration of people not being able to get a decent pitch if they arrived on Thu and lack of space for extra food and drink. We love CB just the way it is. x

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