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Camp Bestival news: Josie and Rob da Bank are thrilled to finally announce today that they are back …

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Camp Bestival news: Josie and Rob da Bank are thrilled to finally announce today that they are back …

Latest update from Camp Bestival

Josie and Rob da Bank are thrilled to finally announce today that they are back in control of Camp Bestival – the magical family festival they created 11 years ago.

“With the help of Live Nation Gaiety and SJM we will really be able to bring more of our creative vision to life with the support structure needed going forward. Our aim has been and will always be to create the best ever family festival. We look forward to sharing this new chapter with you. More news very shortly.”

Rob and Josie xxx

Camp Bestival


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30 Responses

  1. Darren Rodriguez says:

    Good news for future cb’s.
    Now for news on refunds from this year please….

  2. Michael Ford says:

    No shame in reaching out for a little help now and then guys…. We’ve had some fantastic times at Camp Bestival from the first one to last years wind-a-thon 😂. Just keep doing what you’re doing and go Forward.x
    P.S. Can we have Sundays line up this year for next year.😂x

  3. Paul Hawkins says:

    Maybe they can refund me for that Sunday now then

  4. Ant Bolton says:

    How are they getting on with the refunds? It would seem that Rob da Bank is well named?

  5. Miranda Darroch says:

    This is wonderful news. So happy for you all. After all the joy you have brought to us all we are grateful.
    Best of luck for the future of The wonderful Camp Bestival.❤️🌈😁👩‍👧‍👦💐🌏⚡️☄️🍸

  6. David John Harrison says:

    Any news on this years Sunday refund ?

  7. Lisa Oakes says:

    Maybe they should focus their attention on refunding people first before they start looking to put another one!

  8. Get Lost & Found says:

    Long live camp bestival 🙂

  9. Peter Coote says:

    Great news well done rob and josie and all the camp bestival team…. onwards and upwards can’t wait for 2019!!!

  10. Gem Hebdon says:

    Great to hear its going ahead again. Can’t wait


  11. Sam Friend says:

    That is great but please can we get our refund for Sunday?

  12. Ray Lenton says:

    Yeah everybody get a refund so there isn’t money to put on a new festival hmmmmm golden egg anybody

  13. Richard Filby says:

    Great news but what about the 2018 refunds?

  14. Cassandra Thompson - Jones says:

    Hahaah and so many people just want their money back from this year …. we need to start a Facebook campaign … make a new group …

    Their has to be some lawyer who wants to help us

  15. Mike Devlin says:

    And Relax!!! 🤪🤪
    As fully paid up 2019 Camp Bestivallers, the last few weeks have been tense!

  16. Nikki Sartain says:

    Myself and my daughter have had four amazing Camp Bestival’s and before the adverse weather, last year was on track to be the best yet. Yes, obviously concerned about refunds etc but also understand that it is out of your hands and with insurance at the moment. Keep trucking- it brings such a sense of fun to our summer and really is the highlight of my daughter’s year.

  17. Sam Dyer says:

    Awesome news always knew it would be saved welldone guys xxxx

  18. Scott Rushton says:

    Does this mean you will answer your emails now?
    Would be nice if you were honest about the refunds instead of stringing people along. Should have never said people would be refunded, that way people wouldn’t have been disappointed

  19. Phil Walsh says:

    Are people asking for refunds off of a weekend ticket or just Sunday day tickets?

  20. Suzanne Birt says:

    That’s all lovely to read but does your comms strategy extend to how you intend to communicate with festival goers (or not goers!) from this year who are still awaiting any news on their refunds?! Strap on a pair and start being open and honest with people.

  21. Heather Anne says:

    Every hour since CB, day and night, these guys have been working to save the festival and sort refunds. And when we have refunds, which we will, and which will have been delivered to us at the earliest possible minute RDB has physically been able to release them following an unbelievably awful 12 weeks (yes, that’s all it’s been folks), I hope those on here who have accused him of all sorts might have a little reflect on what’s likely gone on behind the scenes with the backer that pulled the plug then tried to take over control of the brand and the money. … I have absolutely no doubt that every moment has been hell on earth. – This man RDB is one of the good guys. He really is 💕

  22. Amanda Robinson Marchant says:

    Please though Camp B can we have more A listers next year ? In 10 years we have seen some truly amazing bands but for the past 2 years its been a poor line up. Now not that we come just for the bands we love the whole festival, but on reflection over the years such as the year you had Nile rogers & chic the line up that year was fantastic x

  23. Emma Burman says:

    For those with refund questions…..just a wee bit more patience 🤞🏻

  24. Sarah Hemsley-Cole says:

    There are a lot of contractors owed money as well. There is a lot to do to get the magic back on track

  25. Jack Launer says:

    Why would you get a refund ? You pay your money for a festival you take your chance . End of. Grow up . If there is negligence then fair enough . None here so move on …

  26. Karen Abbott says:

    Great news; can’t wait to come next year. Can you confirm when payment will be restarted as this months hasn’t been taken yet? Camp Bestival

  27. Emma Griffiths says:

    Seems some people want a refund for this year and others don’t – so anyone who doesn’t want one should let Ticketmaster (or whoever you bought tickets through) to tell them to keep the insurance payout!!

  28. Helen Bullimore says:

    Refund refund refund for an act of God? I’m sorry but when have you ever received a refund for anything ever due to an act of God and bad weather? An unpopular thought I’m sure but one which i feel sure is true. This is the weather of Great Britain people. Its just how it is. And i can promise you, this won’t be the last time a day out with your friends family will be spoiled or altered or cut short down to to the unpredictable thing we all know as the British weather. I don’t want a refund. I think its a poor show to expect one. So shoot me down for being reasonable……..

  29. Eloise Costa Neves says:

    Don’t care about refund but am concerned that people who were working the festival have not been paid. I hope that gets settled first. Just glad festival will continue x

  30. Steve Ward says:

    So when will the traders be receiving the monies that are owed. We are still owed for meal vouchers and our litter bond for 2018 as are many other traders….Despite promises of “we’ll keep in touch” and “we’ll sort this” nothing…..any info on this Rob da Bank?

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