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Early bird tickets for Camp Bestival 2019 are on sale now!
Just £160 for adult weekend tickets, and the monthly payment plan is now available – secure your tickets with a 10% deposit*!
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6 days ago

Camp Bestival

Hi team Camp Bestival and faithful fans!

Huge apologies for the radio silence. The last 3 months have been extremely testing and difficult for us with matters out of our hands, we fully appreciate just how frustrating and long this process has been for you all too...and for that we are very sorry.

As you’ve seen, during this process we’ve been unable to comment much, as is the way in any business or industry during such a time; however, we’re now available for any questions you may have going forwards.

The nature of the last few months means that the insurance money that was available to refund 2018 ticketholders, and money from 2019 ticket sales, was entirely lost in the Administration. This is unfair to you, our fans. The new owners, LN-Gaiety and SJM, understand how unfair this feels and as a result have agreed to fund discounts and refunds for 2018 ticket holders, and will honour all existing 2019 tickets - more details below.

Thanks for keeping the faith, rest assured we want to bring you the best Camp Bestival you’ve ever been to and hope to see you at Lulworth in July.

Robby and Josie


Q. Will Camp Bestival 2019 go ahead as planned?
Yes, it will! The dates and location remain exactly as previously announced: July 25th - 28th 2019, Lulworth Castle, Dorset.

Q. I have already bought tickets for 2019, what do I need to do?
No need to do anything, we have worked with our official 2019 ticket agents Ticketmaster and Festicket to take care of things for you. Your tickets will be delivered to you, and honoured, as normal even though the administrator took all ticket monies.

Q. Are Josie and Rob da Bank still involved with the festival?
Very much so. They continue to run the show and will now be able to bring even more of their creative vision to life as Camp Bestival enters a new chapter.

Q. When will tickets for 2019 go back on sale?
Camp Bestival 2019 tickets will go back on sale on Friday 30th November. 2019 ticket prices will be no higher than 2018 prices.

Q. How will this affect the festival going forwards?
This new financial backing and support structure means we will be able to deliver the best Camp Bestival ever. It will still be the same Camp Bestival we all know and love, with loads of new and exciting additions to explore and enjoy.

Q. What happened to the insurance money?
When Camp Bestival went into administration, the event insurance monies became part of the administration process. We’ve now worked with our new owners Live Nation Gaiety and SJM and can confirm they have agreed to fund discounts and Sunday Day ticket refunds for 2018 ticket holders as detailed below.

Q. I was affected by the closure of the arenas on Sunday 29th July 2018 - what’s happening?

Sunday 2018 ticket holders are entitled to apply for a complimentary Camp Bestival 2019 Day ticket for one day on the Friday, Saturday or Sunday, or a face value refund. VIP Sunday 2018 Day Ticket holders are entitled to a VIP 2019 Day ticket to the day of their choice, or a face value refund.

We will also include a complimentary Day Car Park ticket with every order.

You will be able to choose which day you want to attend after the 2019 line-up has been announced.

All additional Sunday ticket types are included in the above as either 2019 replacement tickets where available, or face value refunds (ie. Event Programmes / Slow Motion Treatments & Activities / VIP Booths / Inflatable Church Weddings / any other on site activities).

Applications for complimentary tickets or refunds will be open for a limited period until Monday 26th November.

Refunds are only applicable to the face value of festival entry tickets; service charges, booking fees and postage are not applicable.

To apply for a complimentary Day ticket or face value refund, look out for an email from your 2018 ticket agent coming shortly.

Sunday Day ticket refunds are being funded by Live Nation Gaiety and SJM in response to the insurance money being absorbed by the administration process.

2018 weekend ticket holders are entitled to a 33% discount on 2019 tickets. This will be automatically sent as a code via email which can be redeemed up until Monday 31st December. The code will be sent to the email address used to purchase your 2018 tickets.

Please note:
- Discounts are applicable to tickets bought outright and using the Monthly Payment Plan.
- Discounts are only applicable to the face value of festival entry tickets; service charges, booking fees and postage are not applicable.
- Additional tickets types are not included in the discounts (ie. Camping Plus / Backstage Camping / Hospitality Camping / Accommodations / Car Park / Live-in Vehicles / Event Programmes / Slow Motion Treatments & Activities / VIP Booths / Inflatable Church Weddings / any other on-site activities).

If you bought physical tickets via Discover Purbeck Tourist Information Centre, please check later this week for a form to apply, then print the completed form and send it along with your 2018 festival tickets to us at:

Camp Bestival
Live Nation-Gaiety
25 Argyll Street

If you are sending physical tickets, these must have been received by us by Monday 26th November along with the completed form (If you have lost or no longer have your 2018 physical tickets you will not be able to apply). Any applications received after this date will not be processed.

Please note:
- Refunds will be issued within 4 weeks of applying.
- Discount codes for 2019 tickets will be valid until Monday 31st December.

Q. I am a local resident and purchased my weekend tickets with a 50% discount via Discover Purbeck Tourist Information Centre. Am I entitled to a discount/refund on my weekend tickets?
As these tickets were heavily discounted at the point of purchase, a discount/refund is not available to these customers. We will continue to offer local residents the same discount on tickets for 2019. We will publish these details in January.

Q. I paid for upgrade tickets / accommodation (eg. Camping Plus, Backstage Camping and Hospitality Camping, or any accommodations), are refunds available for these?
Unfortunately, in order to provide ticket refunds to as many people as possible, refunds on Camping Plus, Backstage Camping and Hospitality Camping, or any accommodations are not being offered.

Q. I won competition tickets for Camp Bestival 2018, what am I entitled to?
Competition tickets are not included so discounts do not apply.

Q. I’m on the Monthly Payment Plan via Ticketmaster for 2019 tickets, what’s happening with my tickets and the payments?
Ticketmaster will resume ticket sales soon and turn the monthly instalments back on, so you can carry on making payments as usual. You don’t need to re-book. Ticketmaster will be in touch shortly to confirm when the next payments will be collected.

Q. Can I claim any money back from my bank if I paid on a credit or debit card?
Please contact your bank to check on their credit and debit card protection policy.

Q. When will you announce the 2019 theme and line-up?
Exciting news on our 2019 theme coming soon, and we hope to announce our first wave of acts including headliners later this month.
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Comment on Facebook

Can I ask, if 2018 weekend ticket holders are entitled to a 33% discount on 2019 tickets then why can’t we also be entitled to a 33% refund for the Sunday we missed out on?? A choice would be favourable as I don’t choose to return in 2019 but would appreciate some compensation from the tickets we had purchased. Many thanks

How disappointing to promise a “refund” and then actually only offer a 33% discount on tickets for next year that has to be used before Dec 31st. As we will not be able to buy our tickets before Dec 31st due to other financial commitments (like Christmas!), this means having been dedicated Camp Bestival attendees we will be out of pocket. We love the festival and I am pleased it lives on, but I fear you will lose many of your regulars (us included) with this approach.

We specifically asked Camp Bestival at the time if we should hold fire with buying 2019 tickets until the refund policy was sorted and were told to go ahead as any refund would be separate. So our reward for being loyal customers (9 years in a row) and paying for 2019 tickets in full, is that we don’t get the discount. Nice work Camp Bestival.

Finally it is great to hear some communication from Camp Bestival, & even better to hear that you are finally ready to start answering questions. Does this mean I can at last expect a response to the numerous emails I have sent you since July to no avail? Also, this would suggest that the Camping Plus customers who were robbed this year with substandard, unsanitary camping conditions & whose tents were actually stolen by people working for you are seriously to accept that there will be no compensation for them? And you genuinely believe we will all just come back for such a price? Years and years of CB loyalty, saving all year as a family to keep coming, and this is how you treat people? I accept that going into administration has presented huge financial challenges, but if this is all you can offer, I would personally question wether you should have even been allowed the opportunity to continue with this festival.

Totally lost for words - as said by others we didn’t expect to receive a refund on our weekend ticket from last year. In good faith we have already bought our tickets for next year, and now it feels like we are being penalised for being loyal customers ☹️ really losing faith in the whole thing now

Congrats Camp Bestival, looking forward to another epic year in 2019. You should be commended for putting "People before Profit" safety being paramount! The weather is the weather, we dont demand refunds or discounts for holidays affected by adverse meteorological conditions. These comments are staggering! Camp Bestival keep doing what you are doing, keep creating those beautiful family moments. See you in 2019! x

You keep saying that the refund money has been lost in the administration process. What does that mean? I'm assuming the insurance company paid out but that money has now been given to someone else. MY MONEY that I have to work damn hard for. Is there anyone in the Camp Bestival team (past or present) that has a shred of decency? I'm not naive. I know this is how the world works now (and perhaps always) the small person at the bottom of the pile gets swept aside. My daughters desperately want to return to Camp Bestival next year, but I can't bring myself to hand over more of my money to greedy and selfish people. We've been to Camp Bestival for the last five years and the gradual deterioration was noticeable to everyone I spoke to.

Camp Bestival To say I am gutted and let down as a regular Camp B go-er is putting it mildly! 2019 is going to be my family’s tenth Camp B! We were sympathetic to this year’s Sunday closure and pleased when a refund was promised just after purchasing our early bird tickets and have been waiting patiently like many others for news. I am not bothered about not receiving a refund but am incredibly disappointed that the 33% discount does not apply to those people who have attended year after year and bought their tickets early! I feel cheated and let down and have to say that the tenth may just be our last 😞. I don’t think telling people that they’re lucky it’s going ahead is particularly tactful either! Just saying 🤔

Fantastic news that CB'19 is off and running again. Having already bought our tickets for next year and paid in full, from what I'm reading, it does smart a bit that early supporters appear not to be able to get anything back.. Come on CB, you know who we all are.. I get why you can't refund/discount us directly but how about some complimentary food vouchers or a voucher for a chunk of credit on your prepay wrist bands just to make us feel a bit less unloved 🙂

We were weekend ticket holders for 2018 and missed our last day. We physically can’t go in 2019 because we’re already booked to go on another holiday with family. So I’m going to lose 33% of my money just because I can’t attend next year. 🤔 Not exactly a fair discussion Camp Bestival

So, the only people not entitled to any sort of refund are those who pirchased full weekend tickets for 2018 and who have already paid fully for tickets for 2019!! That's potentially gonna be a lot of bad feeling for those of us who have already committed to be there next year. I cant believe this is serious, what a con.

Now hit us with a fab line up and theme! Looking forward to Camp Bestival ⛺️ 2019!

Very unfair for those of us that had weekend tickets. We should also be entitled to a complimentary day ticket of our choice. 😡

So am I reading this right ...... 2018 weekend ticket holders are only entitled to a 33% discount on 2019 weekend tickets???? What if we are not able to come all weekend in 2019!?!? Do we just have to lose out?? Why can we not choose 1 day in 2019 as a replacement as you’re offering the day ticket holders !?!? If we only have until Dec 31st to make a decision, I would expect a prompt response to my questions. While it’s taken you 6 months to half sort this, your giving us a measly 6 weeks !!!!

Weekend ticket holders 33% discount off NEXT year's festival? This is just rubbing salt into the wounds. Why should we have to pay more money to receive compensation? It seems to me that you want to milk cash out of the weekend ticket holders in order to fund the refunds to the day ticket holders. This is very very disappointing and there is no chance we will be returning. Good luck for the future.

Why would I won’t to go again when I was promised a refund for the Sunday and am being told come again and get money off! We were Promised a refund for Sunday 2 months ago and now have nothing. Thanks a bunch

Seems to me like the CB team are doing their best in quite tricky circumstances. It’s not always easy running a festival, especially when you get hit by the kind of apocalyptic weather on the Sunday of CB18. It’s always good to look to the future, not dwell in the past and with that in mind kind of feel CB faithful should get behind next year’s event..😀

I think that as a customer with tickets already started to be paid by payment plan via ticket master my payment plan should simply apply the discount of 33% and my payments should finish early ??? Why should I not get my discount ? I didn’t know cb was going into administration when I bought and after coming for ten years !!! Don’t want to be penalised for always being an early supporter !!?? Can’t be too hard to just apply discount to my ticket master account please respond Camp Bestival

Hello lovely campbestival ... I just phoned ticketline on01618132222 ... and they said .... you’ve jumped the gun ... and I still can’t get a refund for my day ticket.... what’s going on ....

hi Camp Bestival. I was a weekend ticket holder. I cant come next year as much as id like to so would prefer to be refunded. As much as Id like to just let it go and im saddened at your situation (we are local and our kids love the festival), I spent a fortune, am out of pocket and you are after all a business. Ive managed to speak to my bank after reading the link you put on regarding claiming through chargeback protection on my debit card. They have suggested the first port of call is ticketline, who the tickets were purchased through, before going ahead through the bank. Ticketline are still waiting for confirmation from you on refund policies before they can confirm/deny a refund. I need this information from them before i can continue the claim with the bank. There is a 120 day deadline on these sort of claims amd as you've only released your statement yesterday, this deadline is up at the end of November... So, whatever you decide to do, you need to confirm this to ticketline asap if we are to be able to pursue this through the banks.

You must be joking Camp Bestival! This is ridiculous. I’ve been coming to Camp Bestival for 8 years and bought my ticket in the early bird sale and yet I’m been penalised? Why exactly? This is so unfair!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡

What position am I in where I bought my 2019 tickets as soon as they went on sale. Am I due a refund for 2018 or will I get 33% back for what I have already paid. This was my 10th year at CB so feel like one of the loyals. Thanks.

Not good Camp Bestival. Promise of refunds but none for people who spent more money than most festivals for a weekend ticket. You should have insurance/policies in place to cover these eventualities otherwise it looks v unprofessional.

I emailed with a complaint that i still haven't had a response too!!!

I bought discounted Sunday tickets from Purbeck Information Centre. Reading this it would appear we do not get a refund or offer of tickets for next year. Is that correct?

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4 weeks ago

Camp Bestival

Josie and Rob da Bank are thrilled to finally announce today that they are back in control of Camp Bestival - the magical family festival they created 11 years ago.

“With the help of Live Nation Gaiety and SJM we will really be able to bring more of our creative vision to life with the support structure needed going forward. Our aim has been and will always be to create the best ever family festival. We look forward to sharing this new chapter with you. More news very shortly.”

Rob and Josie xxx
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Josie and Rob da Bank are thrilled to finally announce today that they are back in control of Camp Bestival - the magical family festival they created 11 years ago. 

“With the help of Live Nation Gaiety and SJM we will really be able to bring more of our creative vision to life with the support structure needed going forward. Our aim has been and will always be to create the best ever family festival. We look forward to sharing this new chapter with you. More news very shortly.”  

Rob and Josie  xxx


Comment on Facebook

Camp Bestival I have waited incredibly patiently, reading some of the comments, but not adding or responding, for some sort of update on the refund. I’ve diligently checked your website weekly, your latest update 12th September states that you anticipate to be able to pay out very shortly. I’m not sure about what you and others thoughts are on what shortly is, but let me tell you that six weeks isn’t. I appreciate you are at the mercy of insurers, but I’m now thoroughly pissed off. Please can you provide a further update, then perhaps a monthly update thereafter, you may find people will be a little less tense about this sorry situation. It has been ten weeks since the event. Please can you furnish us with some sort of update. Nick Andrew O'Reilly Kellie Anne Denman

So when will the traders be receiving the monies that are owed. We are still owed for meal vouchers and our litter bond for 2018 as are many other traders....Despite promises of "we'll keep in touch" and "we'll sort this" nothing.....any info on this Rob da Bank?

Good news for future cb’s. Now for news on refunds from this year please....

i am glad you are back in control of Camp Bestival. yay for you. now, maybe you will push to sort out the refunds for the final day of Camp Bestival 2018? it has been three months after-all. please don't tell me to check your site. i did. the information there is useless. it really just says "something is going to happen at some stage"

Please though Camp B can we have more A listers next year ? In 10 years we have seen some truly amazing bands but for the past 2 years its been a poor line up. Now not that we come just for the bands we love the whole festival, but on reflection over the years such as the year you had Nile rogers & chic the line up that year was fantastic x

There are a lot of contractors owed money as well. There is a lot to do to get the magic back on track

How are they getting on with the refunds? It would seem that Rob da Bank is well named?

For those with refund questions.....just a wee bit more patience 🤞🏻

Long live camp bestival 🙂

Maybe they can refund me for that Sunday now then

No shame in reaching out for a little help now and then guys.... We’ve had some fantastic times at Camp Bestival from the first one to last years wind-a-thon 😂. Just keep doing what you’re doing and go Forward.x P.S. Can we have Sundays line up this year for next year.😂x

Great news well done rob and josie and all the camp bestival team.... onwards and upwards can’t wait for 2019!!!

Why would you get a refund ? You pay your money for a festival you take your chance . End of. Grow up . If there is negligence then fair enough . None here so move on ...

Hahaah and so many people just want their money back from this year .... we need to start a Facebook campaign ... make a new group ... Their has to be some lawyer who wants to help us

That’s all lovely to read but does your comms strategy extend to how you intend to communicate with festival goers (or not goers!) from this year who are still awaiting any news on their refunds?! Strap on a pair and start being open and honest with people.

Maybe they should focus their attention on refunding people first before they start looking to put another one!

This is wonderful news. So happy for you all. After all the joy you have brought to us all we are grateful. Best of luck for the future of The wonderful Camp Bestival.❤️🌈😁👩‍👧‍👦💐🌏⚡️☄️🍸

And Relax!!! 🤪🤪 As fully paid up 2019 Camp Bestivallers, the last few weeks have been tense!

Great news but what about the 2018 refunds?

Myself and my daughter have had four amazing Camp Bestival's and before the adverse weather, last year was on track to be the best yet. Yes, obviously concerned about refunds etc but also understand that it is out of your hands and with insurance at the moment. Keep trucking- it brings such a sense of fun to our summer and really is the highlight of my daughter's year.

Yeah everybody get a refund so there isn’t money to put on a new festival hmmmmm golden egg anybody

Seems some people want a refund for this year and others don't - so anyone who doesn't want one should let Ticketmaster (or whoever you bought tickets through) to tell them to keep the insurance payout!!

Great news; can't wait to come next year. Can you confirm when payment will be restarted as this months hasn't been taken yet? Camp Bestival

Don’t care about refund but am concerned that people who were working the festival have not been paid. I hope that gets settled first. Just glad festival will continue x

Refund refund refund for an act of God? I'm sorry but when have you ever received a refund for anything ever due to an act of God and bad weather? An unpopular thought I'm sure but one which i feel sure is true. This is the weather of Great Britain people. Its just how it is. And i can promise you, this won't be the last time a day out with your friends family will be spoiled or altered or cut short down to to the unpredictable thing we all know as the British weather. I don't want a refund. I think its a poor show to expect one. So shoot me down for being reasonable........

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