By the Sea news: Sigma are coming to Margate this weekend!

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This one is heading for a sell out so grab your tickets quick! 🚨
Southbeats Festival are bringing SIGMA to Margate for their first headline show at Hall By The Sea, supported by Kent duo Shapes.

Dreamland Margate


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2 days ago

Dreamland Margate

Do you remember your first time on the Scenic Railway? #FridayFeeling ... See MoreSee Less

Do you remember your first time on the Scenic Railway? #FridayFeeling


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Remember both my first time on it as a passenger back in 1976 and also my first time being taught how to be a brakeman by Dick Faulkner back in 1988 :)

My fave !! Made my 12 year old ride it with me .. back seat yesterday!! Still got it ... ❤️

Oh yeeaaah😊

Think I was about 7 so it was 1968 and my Dad held on to me very tightly all the way round. Its still the best ride there

i remember taking my mum and friend,we were 12 and she decided that when we got up to the highest point she wanted to get off and tried to stand up! 😨😱


Loved the scenic railway ... Reckon it was in the early 70's with my wonderful grandparents . We used to stay at my nans sisters bungalow in cliftonville and go to Palm Bay beach 😊😊😊

Not the scenic railway but I would ALWAYS have to sit behind the brake man, somehow I felt safer 😂 I remember my first time on the looping star though 🤩

yep was probably 1982 ish when i was 6 .... coming back tomorrow to ride it on my 43rd birthday cannot wait

Yes I can, back in the ‘70’s with my mum

1999. And I bloody loved it

1988 first ride 1993 ride operator

Its was about 1967 when I was about 4 years old

1987 for me

Yes I do it was August 1978. I was hooked and never went home 😀

Yes in the 80s with my best friend Donna Martin we had great times there 😊❤

84, but favourite was the water ride 😬

Liberty Shephard Lilia Shephard Emily Wilson Luca Wilson 😱🤣🤪

Yes and loved it 😁😁

I was about 7 or 8. We went on a sunday and it had just opened for the day so there were no queues we was able to go on the sceniv railway a few times before it got busy


Yes was in 1989 .. the day I met my furtive husband and father to my five kids

Mine was with Sarah Wilson xx

Oh yes, cos I wasn't allowed! I was never allowed without my parents. I would have been 15-16 early 60's. Tried every seat. Loved it x

yep, 1971 - we used to have our 2nd holiday each year in Margate when I was a kid

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