Brighton Pride news: Youths who choked student until he apologised for being gay walk free from court

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Youths who choked student until he apologised for being gay walk free from court

Two youths who choked a student and forced him to apologise for being gay in a vile homophobic attack on the Tube have walked free from court. Will Mayrick, 20, feared for his life and was left struggling to breathe after two attackers placed him in a headlock as he travelled on a train to a fancy….

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25 thoughts on “Brighton Pride news: Youths who choked student until he apologised for being gay walk free from court

  1. This really upset me
    I think it’s disgusting that this happens to anyone
    And I just think that the lack of punishment handed down to these ignorant children is shocking
    How can anyone treat another human being like that I don’t understand it
    I shan’t put in writing what I would do to these people if I ever come across such disgusting behaviour!
    I hope that the guy is not put off going on with his daily life.
    Everyone should be able to live their life as they choose with no fear of threats or violence x

  2. What the absolute F!!!!! How DARE these yobs do that to another human being. They can’t be named because of their age… They should be named and shamed and do custodial sentence then have lessons on how to treat people. Makes me so mad 😡

  3. A most unfortunate incident, but the punishment handed down was probably usual for this sort of case. And there was punishment, these two idiots have now got a criminal record which will not improve their chances of employment. Can only hope they’ve learnt their lesson and that the victim can get on with his life.

  4. Outrageous. These thugs need locking up. Had this been a racist attack would the judge still order “each to pay a £20 victim surcharge and £150 compensation “? No, I didn’t think so either. 😡

  5. Bet they made there parents family friends proud bloody sick this world is no justice bring back capital punishment or simply hang them all wat scum deserve!!!! 😠😡😤

  6. TfL and police have big words but no action they are all talk. I don’t suppose the magistrate will be prosecuted for encouraging homophobia and hate crime , they will be sat at home pleased with their expenses clueless as to the impact of attacks like this !😡😡😡

  7. They didn’t walk free. They were caught, tried and then sentenced by a judge.
    Their behaviour was disgusting but the sentence they got isn’t unusual.
    The criminal justice system is crumbling under the Tories. There isn’t enough police to investigate every crime and if it’s investigated the sentences usually involve community service or a fine.
    There’s also very little victim support for anyone who has been subject to attacks like these.

  8. Dreadful ! Karma will get them and they are probably secretly gay anyway. It’s astonishing anything like this can happen now , it’s 2018 ffs ! I think the guy that was attacked dealt with it incredibly well and dignified bless him xx

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