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With the weather forecast looking good for the weekend, tickets are flying out the door! If you are after Pride Festival Tickets and having trouble getting on our website you can go directly to our ticket shop at
Pride Village Party tickets are available at the Pride Box Office on Victoria Gardens or at the info point within Preston park.

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  1. Disappointed to just discover that the Pet Shop Boys are not going to be on stage until 8.45pm which is too late for the thousands to people like me who come from London or elsewhere for the day. We have to get trains back. The park use to close much earlier so we could see the last act and get back. Having advertised the Pet Shop boys headlining for so long it is a smack in the eye for your visitors who will not now get to see them. I feel conned.

  2. Andrew Gumbrill has now emailed your access team 3 times asking when he will receive his carers ticket and all he keeps getting is an auto response! No one has emailed back to him other than when he first submitted the PIP for the person he cared for – they told him they’d send out tickets nearer the event. It’s in 2 days and still nothing!!! 😡😡😡

  3. Hi
    Where do we exchange our Saturday festival paper print out tickets for wristbands to get into the pride pleasure gardens on the Friday? And do the wristbands then give us entry without having tickets to scan at the Saturday festival?

  4. I have been lucky enough to have been given two vip wristbands for myself and my gf, thing is, we only have the wristbands. will this be enough to gain entry? or do we need paper ticket/supporting document with a bar code etc? they were given as a present but only the actual wristbands…

  5. hello i have ordered and paid for wrist bands for the village party and i have recieved no confirmation. I have emailed several times and tweeted still no response? Can someone please reply as i dont want any issue tomoz. thanks

  6. With PRIDE festivals being held tomorrow in Northern Ireland’s capital city (Belfast) and Brighton (historically the UK captial city of the LGBTQ Community), in this historic year – the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Sexual Offences Act (which partially decriminalised homosexuality in England & Wales) and the 1982 Sexual Offences (Northern Ireland) Order (which decriminalised homosexuality in Northern Ireland), let us all be mindful of those in the LGBTQ Community who felt unable to publicly express their sexuality or their love for former and/or now deceased lovers before 1967 in Brighton’s case or 1982 in Belfast’s case, particularly those who lost the love of their life either before the war, or in enemy action during the war, as well as all those who lost same-sex lovers (on account of their sexuality) in POW camps during the war and in subsequent conflicts, and others who grieve the loss of loved ones today, as one listens afresh to the hauntingly beautiful “Nimrod” by Sir Edward Elgar on, playe. Wishing all a good day tomorrow. All my love, Christopher Luke, xxxxxx (sorry, but the kisses are for the guys showing their thighs, not the girls)!

  7. I have family tickets for my teenage son , his brother rand myself but booked one seperately at a later date for my son’s boyf. We’re at different gate enterNces. Anyone know if they’re super strict in where you go in or are we likely to be able to go in together?

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