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Brighton Pride news: Why Is “Good Morning Britain” Giving A “Gay Cure” Therapist Air Time?

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Brighton Pride news: Why Is “Good Morning Britain” Giving A “Gay Cure” Therapist Air Time?

Latest update from Brighton Pride:

Why Is “Good Morning Britain” Giving A “Gay Cure” Therapist Air Time?

Outrage followed Mike Davidson’s appearance on ITV’s morning show. But who is he and what is the real reason broadcasters invite him on?

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14 Responses

  1. Mark Wall says:

    Because being gay is a disease and we are waiting for a cure… obviously*

    *as if! We are fabulous!!! What we really need is a cure for homophobia

  2. Lucy Keene says:

    Well they give airtime to Piers Morgan…that tells you everything..

  3. David John McFadzean Hopkin says:

    Yeah but loved how piers brought him down

  4. Peter Jones says:

    Well they didnt really give him any air time. That vile Piers Morgan just spoke over the top of him. Even though I agreed with most of Morgans sentiments you don’t make a point by denying people a say and being utterly vile to them. You listen then take them apart.

  5. Robert Easton says:

    Should have been ignored

  6. Kerry Beeden says:

    Because it’s sensationalist mogodon for the masses. God forbid people should have time, energy, inclination or for that matter the information to talk about real issues.
    Let’s just get everyone riled and outraged and then we can slip past legislation and activity.
    It’s like an episode of Black Mirror.

  7. Kt Clarke says:

    Because it’s basically become our Fox News.

  8. Peter Lynn says:

    Like to have seen(and heard,Piers) it myself.
    Enjoy a little controversy on such matters

  9. Jackie Paterson says:

    Loved how Piers told him to shut up lol

  10. Emma Knights says:

    Wot a complete twat.

  11. John Vandort says:

    They gave him air time so that Piers Morgan can say “look see I’m not a homophobe”

  12. Jackie Lambert says:

    a gay cure thats hylerious 🙂

  13. Andy Brighton says:

    I have a brain so other than the chase I don’t watch the televised daily star/mail that is ITV

  14. Aaron Cardwell says:

    If views aren’t challenged then they breed hate.

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