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Brighton Pride news: We are happy to announce that for Brighton & Hove Pride 2019 we will pilot a reu…

Latest update from Brighton Pride:

We are happy to announce that for Brighton & Hove Pride 2019 we will pilot a reusable cup scheme at our sites on Preston Park and Pleasure Gardens with Green Goblet. We aim to lower the volume of single use plastic waste deriving from the festival bars with the adoption of a reusable cup scheme and a ban on plastic straws on all our on-site bars. We expect that the changes will reduce up to 30% volume of waste on-site. We are also encouraging all of our food concessions to use compostable serving trays and cutlery. #CleanerGreenerPride #Sustainability #BrightonPride

For more details visit – https://buff.ly/2WaHSt3

City Angels #BrightonPride2019 #Sustainable #Reuse #EcoFriendly #Recycle #WeAreCityAngels #Pride🌈 #LGBTQ🌈

Brighton & Hove Pride – Official Page


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'I’m not afraid anymore, I’m not scared' After a failed blackmail attempt led to him taking the brave decision to reveal his HIV status to the world, Gareth Thomas is commited to fighting the stigma the condition carries and proving to the world he's stronger than ever. And we are right behind you Gareth 💪
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Good for you Gareth! Love you lots for doing this.

So proud of you for your dignity and composure in dealing with this. Your an amazing man and I wish you every success in the future going forward.Top Man.

Be proud ❤️ kx

Well done everyone is with you

Nice one, good on ya xxxxx

Well done, ur a brave man x

I had to send you a message. Well done for coming out with concern to your HIV. All stigma should be removed. I myself support The Terrance Higgins Trust Red Ribbon Appeal and will do so until the day I die as my late brother also had HIV. Keep brave and strong. 🌈.

You're a good bloke with a gorgeous heart. Sod anyone who thinks different. We need more sport personalities like you to stand up and be counted. xxx

Out the reporter, I bet the reception they get will be quite different than the support Gareth gets.

Good man you’ve probably helped a lot of other people without realising it x

Legend, in awe

I have met this man and he was kind, funny, honest and open...but to find out that it was the media..no..THE SUN ..that made him do this is sickening and vile 🤬

Total respect to this guy 👍👍👍

Name and shame

Top bloke

Well said Gareth there is no shame or stigma attached to HIV. anymore we are all behind you 100% xx

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