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Brighton Pride news: (notitle)

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For their 3rd year, we are excited to welcome The Cocoa Butter Club back to perform LIVE in the studio for We Are FABULOSO, the Brighton & Hove Pride Digital Festival, with loads more artists to be announced.
Streaming live 31st July – 2nd August.
Subscribe NOW - www.brighton-pride.org/links/
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We are really happy to announce that we will be hosting an online Trans Pride event for 2020!

This will take place on the same date as previously planned, the 18th of July.

Now more than ever it is vital that our community supports each other and we make it known that we are present and proud.

The event will be an online version of our usual stage show with the same fabulous mix of gender diverse performers and speakers that Trans Pride Brighton is known and loved for.

Our theme for this year is #WontBeErased so join us online for a day of celebration and solidarity!

Watch this space
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Filming is in full flow here in the PrideTV studio and We Need YOU!
Zoom in and be part of the action with Brighton's own Polyglamorous, Boogaloo Stu and much more.
Sign up here NOW: www.brighton-pride.org/audience-wanted/
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Jade Hoskins Pratt xx

Paige Morgan since we can’t go this will do

Jonathan Michael Bailey

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25 Responses

  1. Jordan Radford says:

    Can we still only book 2 tickets per person?

  2. Kelie McDermott says:

    Will this be lunchtime as in 12pm or like the 8am this morning that went on sale earlier?

  3. Jake Saul says:

    Lunchtime? Be a bit more specific and ACCURATE.

    Rather than like this morning, just flinging the website open 30 minutes before your planned time.

  4. Tanya Kirkaldie says:

    What about us that use the access disability to get our Tickets?

  5. Nikki Harvey says:

    Daisy LoweEmma Stephenson so glad we bought ours before they announced Britney! I feel bad for everyone that just wants to go to pride and doesn’t care about Britney

  6. Emma Adelman says:

    I’ve registered for vip. Will we still get told when they are released or are they also via ticket master now?

  7. Emz Taylor says:

    All I want is pvp tickets, I’m not interested in seeing bloody Britney Spears it’s so frustrating 😡

  8. Amy Williams says:

    I don’t even like Britney, I just want 2 bloody pride tickets!!!!!

  9. Gem Church says:

    What about bolt ons Brighton & Hove Pride – Official Page

  10. Marcus Beavis says:

    This makes me nervous….. what time is lunchtime? I eat mine at 10:30am….. 😭

  11. Aaron Glover says:

    It’s. Not Britney’s fault.. The organisers knew booking such a huge performer would cause this..

  12. Aarun Palmer says:

    Mike I’ll help you with this!

  13. Hanna Louise says:

    Off to Manchester pride it is!

  14. Leanne Bumfrey says:

    Moan moan moan!! Lewis St John i cant bloody wait to see Britney and be covered in glitter and rainbows from head to toe! 🍸🏳️‍🌈❤️

  15. Lisa Mead-Smith says:

    All this moaning rubbish on here, so they’ve had a few issues, they r trying to fix it and do what’s best for everyone and if people have only bought tickets for Britney then the more the merrier, why not share the pride love!!! She’ll only be on stage miming for half an hour anyway and then everyone else can get on with their day.

  16. Latoya Smith says:

    Ellie Alicia we better be on it tomorrow to get tickets ✌🏼

  17. Gemma Ingram says:

    Kezza Moorhead are you still trying to get tickets? Did you see this update?

  18. Steph James says:

    I really wish Britney had been seperate to the main festival. Then people who wanted to go see her could do that, and the rest of us could go to Preston Park as usual… not gonna lie, I’d love to see her too but feel kinda like the best pride festival has been crashed by Britney fans.

  19. Kyan Hartley says:

    Britney breaking the internet. Take that, Kardashian booty!

  20. Aron Freeth says:

    So glad I got mine before the act announcement 💅🏻😂

  21. Sarah Kane says:

    People need to get a grip and stop whinging and moaning!! The organisers have worked so hard to get someone like Britney for years.. not for anyone but you! The people who buy tickets! They only want the best!
    No one can help technical problems.. that’s absolutely nobody’s fault.. stop pointing the finger, getting grumpy and just be patient!!!

  22. Hannah Wood says:

    What about if you want the full weekend are they on ticketmaster too??

  23. Emma Webb-Goodwin says:

    They were on ticketmaster originally. They were set to be released the same time as the rest of the Britney Tour tickets but then they were removed? Then they were being sold on the Pride website today. I guess ticketmaster have the facilities to be able to cope with such demand. Glad you sorted it though, well done❣️

  24. Paul Harris says:

    Hmmmm and how high will the booking fee be?

  25. Charlotte Cann says:

    Ewa Smith Malia Makanalani please one of you get them tomo I’ll be asleep!!! Also we can stay at my friends house 🎉🎉🎉

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