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  1. Ticket process has been a shambles. Site flooded by people who would never go to Pride were it not for Britney on the books and those of us who go every year are shut out. When finally completing the process and receiving an order number I’m then emailed 45 minutes later saying the payment was unsuccessful which is nonsense.

  2. Won’t be going this year due to the ticket issues ….I tried last week as soon as released and the site crashed …..pride festival not bothered no reply about my complaint…they get their money so what do they care. I have been attending pride now since early 90s ….this may be me done now. 😯

  3. I completely agree that for many of us who have lived and supported pride in Brighton for years should have had priority in purchasing tickets – This is our home and we welcome all to celebrate! However, for those who have never been to pride in Brighton and just coming for Brittany! Why should we miss out on our Community event that We are so proud of! X

  4. Brighton Pride on several occasions have posted warnings about how fast tickets are selling and also posted saying they had 2 huge headliners so buy your tickets now as expected to sell quickly. I understand about Britney is pulling a lot of people who wouldn’t necessarily attend Brighton Pride but you can’t say they didn’t warn you all.

  5. Brighton will be bursting at the seams with straight chavs…. to watch a talentless mime artist forget her lyrics and dance moves, that’s if she actually turns up…her Vegas Show is Pants ….

  6. Should of given priority to people on Pride mailing list! People who always go every or most years!

    Probably just going to be full of straight girls who haven’t any interest in Pride

  7. So the local long term supporter of Pride are going to miss out on reasonably priced tickets. Since when have early bird tickets sold out in January? I’m all for good acts but do they really need to be that big? I’m so torn between the positives and negative of all of this but mostly gutted as ticket prices over £20 Will make it unaffordable for many.

  8. Huge Apologies.
    We have had some issues with our external payment provider being overloaded.
    Rest assured if you have a valid confirmation number your tickets WILL be valid.
    We are working through the back log to process orders and contact customers.
    Please bear with us and thanks for your patience.

  9. This isn’t Pride, it’s a Britney concert. Sad that the people who go every year to celebrate Gay Pride have been shut out for a money making and marketing scheme. This is a commercial standard festival where people buy tickets to see the headliners – not the pride we all know and love.

  10. Hi I bought a ticket this morning at 9am…got an email an hour ago saying the payment was declined – can’t find a number to call…..and now they’ve sold out really gutted and don’t know what to do…if I’d got the email straight away I could have tried to buy again (must have put the wrong card details in or something) help!

  11. We also were born grew up and have supported Brighton Pride for many years including when they first started charging and tried from early Tuesday last week to try to get early bird tickets then continued to try and get second early bird tickets until 1am on the Wednesday with no avail and have now given up . I and my partner are both pensioners and will not be going to next price tickets for a few hours up the Preston Park. So for many years we will NOT be going to the park and will instead be giving our support to either Worthing or Eastbourne Pride this year.

  12. We been every year for last 5 years up from Manchester, we were waiting for pay day . Even without tickets to the park we would of still come brighton pride is the best in the country open to everyone and the whole community gets involved . Thanks for having us , see u in August x

  13. What a joke.. you’ve turned your back on what was pride for the money and glitz of a very poor quality b list.. that will only bring the wrong kind of support to an event that so many that have supported now won’t be able to go because of you shabby head line act
    . Brighton &Hove you should be ashamed of turning your back on those that have supported you for year.. enjoy the profits and trouble that this will bring. Just pathetic.. so glad I live in Manchester. .

  14. Why is ticket master saying tickets for Britney at Brighton don’t go on sale til Saturday? Rumors all over twitter saying you need a Seperate ticket for Britney, so much confusion

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