Brighton Pride news: Meet Colombia’s Trans Coffee Pickers

Latest update from Brighton Pride:

Meet the Colombian transgender women who have become a vital workforce for the country’s coffee growing region.

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First release tickets for Pride main community Fundraiser for the The Rainbow Fund - Brighton & Hove on Preston park go on sale 24th at noon. #Fabuloso #IamFabuloso
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First release tickets for Pride main community Fundraiser for the The Rainbow Fund - Brighton & Hove on Preston park go on sale 24th at noon. #Fabuloso #IamFabuloso


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Whoose the main act this year

Jordan Cooper Aspen Newlands Lynch also Levi Johnstone just know I will ditch you for this 😂😂

Bertie Baxter?!?!?

Nanda Dias

Weston Tulloch??

Jade Pedley fuming!!!!!

Rachel Peck shall we?

Jonathon Arthurs

Zoe Davis 👀👀👀
Joshua Haynes you're coming next year right?

Stewie Hoeppner-Joy

Can I buy VIP tickets tomorrow??

Georgia Brigden Harry Cohen - erm 1 day before pay day 🤦🏼‍♀️ are we gonna go for this lot or next lot? Xx

Chelsea Eaton Nadine Eaton!! ❤️❤️

Katie Howard Hollie Harrison Jennifer Thompson xx

Jo Cunningham we need to get these booked

Lucy Oakley! Are we going?

Rebecca Edwards Annabelle Martin Emma Hooper Luke Reed Scott Wenham Alex Coxon up for next year? Buy now and they’ll be cheaper

Emma Lynas oooh look!! 😁

Natalie Bale Michelle Broadbent is this what we need for next year? X

Richard Clough

Kathleen Pretty Zoe Joanne Holden Daniella Doyle

Charlotte Leadley

Megan Sanford!!

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Pride dates for 2020
30th Aniversary of Brighton & Hove Pride.
31st July - 2nd August. Celebrate being you FABULOSO
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Vicky J Green You are FABULOSO

Hannah Watts ill book this off work asap

Tom Medd can we go again please? xx

Bianca McNally book it off RIGHT NOW. You are mine and brightons from 30th July to 3rd august.

Wayne van den Dungen reckon I been to about 20! Xx

Can you work with Southern Trains to do something about the train services next year... please? There just need to be trains running into the night up to London. Many people can’t afford a weekend stay in Brighton

Sarah 🌈 xxxxx

Killian Glynn will we go?

Jo Stock Brendan Stock - Are you up for going again?

Kellyann Joy make sure you book it off x

Lianne Oram Lets do it 🙋🏽‍♀️

I’m looking for VIP tickets next year, When do they go on sale ??

Emma Williams Abi Roberts eeeeeeeeek

Rosie Maloney Lee Michael Bourke Tyrone Sheehan BOOK IT OFF!!!! Xx

Scott Hastings Curtis Rhys 30th Anniversary woffles 🌈 🕺🏻

Lucy, again??

Philip Yates Lee Jordan Benzies Grant Finney boys shall we do Brighton next year / I reckon it will beat when they had Britney

Nikki Griffiths 🎉

Nicole Barrett dates are released already 😂💃🏼

Will vip tickets be available tomorrow please can you advise

Hayley Ash next year? Lol xx

Raquel Flor del Campo come back for this and we will arrange it better 🌈🌈

Charlie Kardashian-jenner

Alyson Bowman we should make it our mission to get to Brighton pride next year!!!

30th anniversary. We might have to go Cathy O'neill

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