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Brighton Pride news: LETTER TO EDITOR: Our Pride has a purpose | Gscene Gay Magazine – What’s on in Gay / LGBT Brighton

Latest update from Brighton Pride:

LETTER TO EDITOR: Our Pride has a purpose | Gscene Gay Magazine – What’s on in Gay / LGBT Brighton

Having had to resign from Pride as a content writer and curator late last year due to health reasons, I find myself in an interesting position today.

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  1. Complete respect to Brighton Pride for securing Britney Spears as the headline act, it’s a fantastic coup. However, reading though the comments on various other postings and judging by the surge in ticket applications when the announcement was made, it seems clear that there are many people who think they are coming to just a ‘Britney Spears concert’ and are not aware of the whole ethos of the festival in the park and how the main stage forms just a small part of the whole experience.

    I am also concerned that these people may think that they will have guaranteed access into the arena part of the park when it’s entirely possible like last year with The Pet Shops boys that not everyone will be able to get into that relatively small area.

    Unless of course that the arena bit is expanded to cover a bigger area. But then, at what cost? Will we lose some of the traditional elements of Preston Park that some of us have been enjoying for many years.

    This seems to me to be a potential lose-lose scenario for Pride, either disappoint Britney fans or disappoint regular Pride attendees. I hope, I sincerely hope, that I am wrong.

    Please Pride, try to manage the expectations of Britney fans, please tell them about the rest of the Park and the wonderful stalls, cabaret and dance tents that they should enjoy and please don’t forget about the heritage of this Pride event in the chase to raise more funds for the many worthy causes that this successful event supports.

  2. The fundraising element is one of the key roles of this event. The fact it is hugely attended means that cash for the Rainbow Fund will be there. But the problem is that the true meaning of Pride is being lost. People who talk about the event won’t now be focusing on LGBT rights but what Britney is going to wear. They won’t spend time on the march for fear of missing out on a good view of Britney. Pride should concentrate on the issues at a time when aggressive behaviour towards our community is on the increase. Trying to beat every Pride with a massive headlining act isn’t the name of the game.

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